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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 live photos surface online

A working prototype of what seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has surfaced on the Chinese social media website Weibo.

Uploaded by @UniverseIce on Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 uses a clamshell design similar to the Motorola Razr. While there are no official specs disclosed by Samsung as of yet, there are a few things we can infer from the working unit. The hinge they used appears to be the same as the original Galaxy Fold, which means that the crease is still present in the second version. Unlike the original Galaxy Fold, which had six cameras at its disposal, the Galaxy Fold 2 appears to only have three – dual rear cameras and a single front camera using the punch-hole design. Looking at the prototype, Samsung also ditched the secondary display in place of a time and notification display.


What other changes would you like to see on the final product? Let us know in the comments below!

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