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Google releases Stream Transfer feature

Google has announced the new Stream Transfer feature that lets you easily move music, videos, podcasts and more between compatible devices in your home using your voice, the Google Home app or the touchscreen on your Nest smart display.

With stream transfer, you can:

  • Move your music between smart-enabled speakers with Google Assistant with the phrase “Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker.”
  • Check which devices are available to transfer media streaming to by tapping the cast button, then tapping which device you’d like to transfer to.
  • Browse Youtube videos on the Nest Hub Max, and tap cast control to play it in your smart / Chromecast-connected TV. You can also say “Hey Google, play it on living room TV”
  • You can also sync up multiple devices so you can play your music to all compatible smart speakers. You can create a speaker group to play music anywhere in your home.

Stream transfer is compatible with Youtube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, and more. It is rolling out across all Chromecasts and Google Home and Nest smart speakers and displays today.


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