Google services hit by outage

Google services hit by outage

Google services have recently reported their service interruption globally today.

As posted on the Google Suite Status Dashboard, the company started investigating some reports it has received from Gmail users at 1:29 PM. According to the reports, Gmail users were having a hard time sending emails and attach files on the platform.

By 3:21 PM, the company found other issues on some Google Suite apps such as failure of recording in Meet, creating files in Drive, uploading of CSV users in Admin Console, and posting messages and in Google Chat.


At 4:38 PM, users encountered problems in adding new pages issues in Sites,  as well as issues in voice mail and Keep.

The Gmail service has already restored by 5:40 PM for some users.

Google has fully restored the issue to all of its services at 7:10 PM, assuring users of the company’s continuous improvements to make its systems better.

Source: Google Suite Status Dashboard

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