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Huawei announces Matepad Pro 11-inch 2024

Scheduled to launch on November 28, Huawei has revealed the Matepad Pro 11-inch 2024. This will be the first tablet to have satellite connectivity.

Huawei Matepad Pro 11 Inch 2024

Huawei has implemented a satellite communication system consisting of high-orbit satellites that’s up to 36,000 kilometers away.

The Huawei Matepad Pro 11-inch 2024 will be the first tablet to use this system. Models such as the Huawei P60, P60 Pro, Mate 50 series, Mate X3, Mate X3 Pro, Mate Xs 2, and Nova 11 Ultra have used these satellites.

“This function may not be used on a daily basis, but it can be used once in a lifetime and will last a lifetime.” as stated by the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group Yu Chengdon, as satellite communication may not be utilized in everyday use.

No specs have been revealed yet for this device.

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