Huawei P30 Pro scores 112 points on DxOMark

Huawei P30 Pro scores 112 points on DxOMark

Just as Huawei announced its newest flagship smartphone, the P30 Pro, they also released the DxOMark score of the device surpassing the Mate 20 Pro by 3 points.

The Huawei P30 Pro scored 112 points overall with 119 points for Photo. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Good detail and long zoom range
  • Good target exposure in very low light
  • Fast and accurate autofocus
  • Good detail in low light
  • Very good image results when shooting with flash
  • Accurate depth estimation and good detail in bokeh mode



  • Unnatural rendering of sky color when shooting outdoors
  • Slightly limited dynamic range can result in highlight clipping
  • Range of image artifacts, including hue shift, ringing, and loss of acutance
  • Soft corners in medium-range zoom images

On the other hand, the device scored 97 in the video aspect which is 1 point less than the Mate 20 Pro.


  • Very good stabilization
  • AF reacts quickly to scene changes, good tracking
  • Low noise levels and decent detail in bright light and indoors
  • Generally good target exposure
  • Accurate white balance and good color rendering


  • Strong noise in low-light videos
  • Some exposure and white balance instabilities
  • Sharpness varies between frames in indoor videos
  • Fram rate changes noticeable in panning videos

The Huawei P30 Pro overtakes the Mate 20 Pro in the number 1 spot as the best smartphone camera today.

“If you still needed a reason to spend money on a compact camera, it would have been for zoom reach, as even the best smartphone cameras could not provide usable zoom image quality beyond a 5x factor. This has now changed with the Huawei P30 Pro and its innovative zoom system that uses folded optics and a super-resolution algorithm, which finally makes usable 10x zoom on smartphones a reality.”

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