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Huawei releases official statement on Android suspension

After being restricted from buying components or parts from U.S. tech companies especially the support for Android security updates, Huawei has released a statement reassuring the users and customers of its continuity of service for them.

In their statement, the company said that it will still continue providing security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor products. They specifically state that only those that are sold and currently existing stocks are covered which could mean that upcoming devices will have a different type support.

Following the release of Huawei’s statement are advisories from the two biggest Telecommunications Company in the Philippines, Smart and Globe, that the Huawei devices purchased by customers will still function normally on their respective networks.

To know more about the issue on the US banning Huawei, click here.

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  1. Ralph jade says:

    I cannot open or access netflix on my huawie y9 2019 just this morning.. 05/21/19..”troubleshoot steaming problem on my android device.”.. Whats happening Huawei?

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