Huawei to unveil refreshed Nova smartphone series

Huawei to unveil refreshed Nova smartphone series

Huawei is set to unveil a refreshed look on one of its iconic smartphone family — the Nova series.

The company stated that it is will be re-invigorate the look and feel of its Nova series for 2019. Its target audience is the younger generation due to its gradient designs with glass and metal materials.


“Nova isn’t all about style, too – with high-speed Kirin processors and beefy graphics chips powering these devices, performance is always blazing fast, no matter the use case. Innovative multi-lens camera tech comes standard, emphasizing self-expression through an incredible suite of features rather than raw technical capability. It’s certainly cutting-edge tech in a youthful sheen.”

Based on their pub mats, the Nova series will have a more colorful and youthful look that aims to attract Generation Z’s attention. In line with this is the company’s upcoming unveiling of its Nova 5 products with different colors and aesthetical designs. We’ll know more once Huawei announces its refreshed Nova series branding. Stay tuned for more updates.

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