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Kia K2500 KARGA Plus Protect, KARGO Plus price in the Philippines

Kia Philippines has updated its light truck offerings— the K2500 KARGA and KARGO units— to KARGA Plus Protect and KARGO Plus.

According to Kia, since September 2020, all K2500 models have been upgraded with higher payload capacities and increased ground clearance. The K2500 KARGA Plus Protect and the KARGO Plus boast a high payload capacity of 1,235 kg. Both models also have an additional leaf spring and a ground clearance of 54.5 cm.

Inside the K2500 is a 2,497 cc inter-cooled turbocharged engine capable of 130 ps at 3,800 rpm and 255 Nm of torque at 1,500-3,500 rpm.


In addition, configured to follow social distancing protocols, the KARGA Plus Protect comes with durable 1.5mm PVC dividers that can withstand frequent disinfecting. These can also be easily removed when you have to do a more thorough cleaning of the vehicle. The dividers can also fit any KARGA model and can be installed without any drilling or modification on the vehicle, according to Kia.

Check out the prices below:
• Kia K2500 4×4 Single Cab & Chassis – PHP 973,000
• Kia K2500 4×4 Single Cab Dropside – PHP 1,010,000
• Kia K2500 4×4 Double Cab Dropside – PHP 1,060,000
• Kia K2500 KARGO – PHP 1,135,000
• Kia K2500 KARGA Dual A/C – PHP 1,280,000
• Kia K2500 4×2 KARGO Plus Front A/C – PHP 1,025,000
• Kia K2500 4×2 KARGA Plus Protect Dual A/C – PHP 1,165,000

You may visit the official Kia Philippines website for more information.

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