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LG Instaview Refrigerator now in the Philippines, priced

Remember that LG Instaview refrigerator we’ve seen in Korea this March? The company kept its promise of delivering the product to our shores and is now available in select appliance dealers.

The model now available locally is the GR-X247CSAV which is a 23.6 cu.ft side-by-side, door-in-door stainless steel refrigerator. It features a knock-on window that lets you see through the glass for content inside which reduces cold air content loss by up to 41%, as well as a direct linear inverter compressor that enables electricity reduction in the long run. Sadly though, the model does not feature WebOS on its translucent glass, but LG mentioned that they may bring those models sometime in the future.

LG’s Signature Instaview refrigerator is now available at select appliance dealers for Php149,995 and comes with a 10-year linear inverter compressor warranty.

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