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Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro to be available in the Philippines

Xiaomi is bringing the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro to the Philippines!

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is powered by a 3,200mAh battery capable of sucking up to 2,100 Pa of pressure. It has a 2cm threshold and is capable of both mop and vacuum functionality.

It’s equipped with an LDS radar rangefinder and automatically returns to its charging dock when low on power. There are also 12 sensors that help the robot navigate the rooms of your homes.

Inside the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro, is a smart controlled water tank that is capable of 3 modes of water distribution.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro will be available in Xiaomi retail stores for PHP 17,995. Stay tuned for details on its availability and date of release.

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