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Microsoft Sketch2Code allows users to turn sketches into working code

Sketch2Code is a web-based application that converts hand-drawn diagrams into an HTML codebase.

Using Sketch2Code is simple, just take a picture of your sketch using the web app which would then send the photo to the AI.


The AI would then identify the elements in the photo.

It then transforms these into a working codebase and the resulting app.

Sketch2Code uses five key elements:

  • Microsoft’s Custom Vision Model for image tagging and recognition
  • Microsoft Computer Vision Service for identifying text
  • An Azure Blob Storage which stores all steps involved in the HTML generation process
  • An Azure Function that serves as the backend entry point and
  • An Azure Website which acts as the front-end that allows users to upload their designs and view the generated HTML results

Sketch2Code is independent of HTML, and may also extract the code into UWP and XAML. To learn more, check out Microsoft’s Official Blog Post here.

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