New Microsoft Edge browser now available for download

New Microsoft Edge browser now available for download

Microsoft’s new Edge browser has been officially launched and is now available for download.

Microsoft has rebuilt its Edge browser on the Chromium open source project to provide compatibility, ease of use for web developers, and a partnership with the Chromium community to improve the Chromium engine. It’s available in more than 90 languages and is compatible with Windows (with compatibility to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1), macOS, iOS, and Android.

The new Edge browser is now customizable, allowing users to change page layouts, designs, and recommended pages. It also comes with several new features such as Azure Active Directory (AAD) support, Internet Explorer mode, 4K Streaming, Dolby audio, inking in PDF, Microsoft Search in Bing integration, Chrome extension support, and more.


The new Edge browser also comes with Microsoft’s Privacy Promise, which is built on these four pillars:

  • Protection – The new Edge browser prevents unauthorized access of your browsing data.
  • Transparency – Microsoft will show you how your browsing data is collected and used.
  • Control – Microsoft will allow you to choose how your browsing data can improve your browsing experience.
  • Respect – Microsoft will honor your choices and collect only what is needed to improve your browsing experience.

Along with Microsoft’s Privacy Promise, they are rolling out new privacy features such as:

  • Tracking Prevention – detects and blocks known trackers. There are three levels of tracking prevention available to choose from: Basic, Balanced, and Strict. All three levels block potentially harmful trackers.
  • Private browsing – When using InPrivate tabs or windows, browsing data isn’t saved on your device and Microsoft account.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen – Protects users from phishing or malware websites and downloading potentially malicious files.

You can download the new Microsoft Edge browser for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android here. For businesses and IT Administrators, you can download offline packages and policies here.

If you want to learn more, you can check out Microsoft’s official blog post here.

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