Oculus announces Air Link for wireless gameplay on Quest 2

Oculus has announced to roll out a new feature that will be found in the v28 software update of their Oculus Quest headsets–the Oculus Air Link.

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Oculus Air Link is a wireless way to play PC VR games on Quest 2. With the Air Link, Oculus Quest 2 users would be able to do PC VR gaming via WiFi without the stress and tangles of a USB-C cable. According to the company, users would need to have a strong and secure WiFi network to enjoy this feature, preferably one that is about 20 feet near one’s play area. Furthermore, they recommend using a 5Ghz network on an AC or AX router that is connected to the user’s PC with an ethernet cable.

However, as the Air Link is still in its early development phase, it will first be launched in experimental mode. This would mean that it may not be compatible with all network and PC setups.

In the meantime, here are the steps on how to use the Air Link once the v28 update out:
1. Download and install the Oculus PC app if you haven’t already. You’ll need PC software v28, which will be released soon.
2. Navigate to Settings ? Beta in the PC app and enable the Air Link toggle.
3. Put on your Quest 2 headset, navigate to Settings ? Experimental, and enable Air Link.

To disable Air Link and go back to using Link with a USB-C cable, you’ll need to disable Air Link from the Experimental panel.

Meanwhile, according to the company, they will work on improving Air Link over time, including performance, visual quality, and the ability to run in less than ideal wireless scenarios.

Since Air Link requires both the headset and PC to be running v28, Oculus mentioned that it would unlock the feature when both the Quest and PC v28 releases are rolled out. Stay tuned to our page for more updates.

This article was written by Julia Fernando.

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