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Old BPI Mobile app will no longer be accessible by October 18

BPI just announced that its old BPI Mobile app will no longer be accessible by Wednesday, October 18, 2023. This comes after several months since they launched a revamped version 93 of the online banking app in March.

New Bpi App

However, in that duration, the old BPI Mobile app still coexisted, allowing customers to continue using it as usual. In fact, the old app (if uninstalled) was already unsearchable in both App Store and Play Store.

BPI had previously announced their intention to deactivate the old app by September 30, 2023, but it seems that plan did not materialize as expected.

In its latest advisory, BPI encourages users to continue enjoying seamless mobile banking on their new BPI app. iOS users who have already transitioned to the new app may be prompted to re-register their devices and re-enable the convenient “Mobile Key” feature.

The new BPI app introduces an innovative authentication method called “SMS Secure,” which seamlessly links the app to the user’s specific mobile device.

Additionally, it offers the hassle-free “Mobile Key” function, eliminating the need to enter a one-time pin for every transaction within the NEW app.

Here are the direct download links for convenience:

And here’s a video to help with the onboarding:

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  1. Avatar for Renee Renee says:

    I couldn’t register my device since last month to the new app. I tried everything, reinstall, reinsert SIM, etc. I called BPI, emailed them, even reached out in Twitter. Alas, still cannot register. Also cannot transfer coz online transfer needs mobile key. Any advise?

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