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OnePlus Ace 2’s Genshin Impact edition available on April 17 in China

Following OnePlus’s fiery release of the OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition that is based on Hu Tao, one of the characters of the game, this time, OnePlus and miHoYo are cooking once again to deliver a special version of the OnePlus Ace 2 which is based on the Pyro head chef Xiangling.

Oneplus X Genshin Impact Ace 2 1

The OnePlus Ace 2, also known as the OnePlus 11R in other markets, is making a special edition of their smartphone with a design that is based on the four-star pyro character Xiangling and her companion, Guoba. She is the Head Chef at the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue, one of the regions in the game.

The box’s style resembles a takeout food carton, which suggests that the Wanmin Restaurant may have served as inspiration. When it is opened, Xiangling and Guoba are visible on the sides, with what looks to be the Yiyan Temple in the center.

Oneplus X Genshin Impact Ace 2 2

Oneplus X Genshin Impact Ace 2 3

This version of the OnePlus Ace 2 will only come with a 16GB + 512GB combo. This device will be officially announced on April 17 exclusive to China.

You can watch the official PV for the OnePlus x Genshin Impact Ace 2 phone here (Chinese).

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