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OPPO announces next-gen under-screen camera technology


OPPO has officially unveiled its next-generation under-screen camera (USC) technology.

Oppo Next Gen Usc Official Announcement • Oppo Announces Next-Gen Under-Screen Camera Technology

OPPO claims it combines both hardware innovation and OPPO’s proprietary AI algorithms to provide the perfect balance between consistent screen quality and camera image quality. Solving the core issues that have plagued last-gen USC, OPPO also states their new USC technology will also resolve previous manufacturing problems while simultaneously improving product reliability and lifespan by as much as 50%.

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Oppo Next Gen Usc Official Announcement 2 • Oppo Announces Next-Gen Under-Screen Camera Technology

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Core features of OPPO’s next-generation USC include innovative pixel geometry that ensures consistent pixel size and number for stable, high-quality display; transparent wiring and new design which is set to reduce as much 50% of the width of wiring for a smoother visual experience; and improved control screen accuracy for more consistent color and brightness when scrolling or reading.

A Selfie Photo Taken With Oppo Usc Prototype 3 • Oppo Announces Next-Gen Under-Screen Camera Technology

In an attempt to reduce the typical negative side-effects of last-gen USC, OPPO says that its U.S. Research Institutes have developed a line-up of imaging AI algorithms, including diffraction reduction, HDR, and AWB. This will allow users to capture cleaner and more natural-looking images by removing the issue of the glass panel lowering the quality of the camera.

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Source: OPPO

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