Realme, fastest growing smartphone brand of Q3 2019

Realme, fastest growing smartphone brand of Q3 2019

According to a report by Counterpoint, Realme is the fastest-growing smartphone brand based on units shipped.

Operating only in 20 countries, Realme managed to grow over 800% in global shipment over a span of 1 year, ranking 7th in the global rankings. Even though they only operate in 20 countries, 80% of Realme’s sales come from India, where they have captured 16% of the smartphone market, positioning themselves as the 4th largest smartphone seller in the country.


From the report, Counterpoint stated that the key to Realme’s success is how quickly the company adapts to consumer preference. Realme has been able to bring flagship-level features to budget phones. They also strategically targeted the right markets and competed in the right price segment of the industry. Now, just after one year of starting, they are being recognized for the sturdiness and build quality of their devices.

Counterpoint expects Realme to continue its growth as they open in new markets, despite the smartphone industry’s overall negative growth.

To read the full report by Counterpoint, click here.

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