Realme UI features unveiled

Realme UI features unveiled

Realme has unveiled features of its own user interface, the Realme UI. The brand’s user interface is based on ColorOS 7 and Android 10.

Introduced with the tagline of “Seamless Fun”, the Realme UI has several features such as system colors, animations, wallpapers, icon customization, and more. Realme expressed that the colors in the Realme UI “synthesizes the naturally high-saturation and high-brightness colors to construct an authentic color scheme, bringing a sense of vitality, which could make users feel younger. 

Under Realme UI, users can customize their icons to a square or a rounded shape, set their transparency, adjust their sizes, or even change the actual image in the icon. Realme also improved the animations in their UI and provided about 11 wallpapers with “natural elements” to match the color scheme.

As the Realme UI is based on Android 10, it also comes with features such as a Personal Information Protection that safeguards the user’s personal information by providing empty information pages when apps request for access. There’s also a Focus Mode that lets the system play relaxing music for concentration, a Flashback button for users to have temporary access to videos, maps, services, and the like while a game is running in the background, and a three-finger gesture for screenshots.

The Realme UI will also include a Dual Earphone Connection feature, support for animated wallpapers, a Smart Sidebar, Screen-Off Display, and Dark Mode.


Realme also unveiled the rollout schedule of the Realme UI:

January 2020

  • Realme 3 Pro
  • Realme XT

February 2020

  • Realme X
  • Realme 5 Pro

March 2020

  • Realme X2
  • Realme X2 Pro

April 2020

  • Realme 3
  • Realme 3i
  • Realm 2 Pro

May 2020

  • Realme 5
  • Realme 5s
  • Realme 5i

Q2 2020

  • Realme C2

Check out the introduction video of the Realme UI below:

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4 Responses

  1. Mozart says:

    Yey! R3pro owner here..?

  2. jobert_sucaldito says:

    Thats what I hated about my realme 3, the icons are too small and rounded, yes i know you can download a launcher, but i hate doing that.

  3. Carl says:

    Realme XT user here! I’m glad & excited for this!

  4. Charles says:

    Waiting for realme ui. Realme 5 user

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