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Revolutionize Your Workflow with Canva’s Whiteboards, Docs, and Videos

Canva Team 4.26.23

Canva’s Visual Suite is revolutionizing the way teams work by providing a comprehensive platform that addresses all their visual communication needs, empowering them to streamline their workflow and boost creativity.

In today’s age of remote and hybrid work, organizations want teams to collaborate, share ideas, and scale their creative process better.

According to Canva’s Visual Economy Report that surveyed 1,600 global business leaders, communicating visually is fast becoming the most impactful way to communicate in the workplace. Eighty-nine percent of them believe that it enhances collaboration and agree that visual communication methods have helped team members connect with each other.

Maisie Littaua, head of growth of Canva Philippines, emphasized that “businesses now must learn how to communicate visually and leave a lasting impact on their stakeholders and customers. It’s made possible when your teams have the tool to create and collaborate together, without having to learn complex processes that take time to learn“.

Canva’s intuitive tools and features make it easy for teams to create visually compelling content that enhances communication and drives better results. Its powerful collaboration features also make it easier for teams to brainstorm and convert ideas into ready-to-share designs.

Canva Whiteboards

Photo 1 Kaya Sa Canva

Canva Whiteboards help solve many problems that teams might encounter during meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team buildings.

Whiteboards make collaborations more engaging by grabbing participants’ attention with experiential online collaboration thanks to hundreds of fun elements like sticky notes and stickers.

Teams can also add reference photos and videos from Canva’s vast content library. Canva Whiteboards also provide structure, get the ideas going with ready-to-use templates, or create customized idea maps, flow charts, and diagrams.

Participants can even take a vote, use stickers to react to an idea, or mark it for further discussion.

The Magic Write tool within Whiteboards helps jumpstart the conversation, generate prompts or lists to stimulate discussion, or instantly summarize key points into a paragraph for a report or email.

Use the new Canva Draw Tool–which has pens and highlighters in different colors and thickness, and automatic shape features–to sketch, doodle, mark up text, or quickly create diagrams and flowcharts.

In the visual age, it’s important to add images, infographics, and other interactive elements into any kind of work.


Canva Docs

With Canva Docs, anyone can create stunning multimedia reports even without a design background.

Canva Docs provides access to one of the world’s biggest design libraries, with 20,000 premium templates and 3.5 million graphic elements like images, icons, and videos for project plans, strategy documents, lesson plans, and other document types.

All sorts of departments can use data storytelling by quickly creating graphs and infographics from thousands of templates and graphic elements. They can even animate images and text for dynamic data visualization.

Canva Docs also allow for collaboration and sharing, for collaborative documents like editorials or business planning, teams can comment on a document, tag, and assign tasks to specific members.

Photo 2 Kaya Sa Canva

Once the document is complete, teams can even turn it into a pitch-ready presentation deck by clicking the “Convert to Presentation” button.

Canva’s AI-powered content generation is now available on Visual Suite products like Docs, Whiteboards, and Presentations, helping teams overcome writer’s block and generate drafts, create outlines, or kick off ideas for their next post.

Canva Video

Video editing used to require a lot of skill and equipment.

But with Canva’s drag-and-drop editor, anyone can make videos for any platform or need, whether it’s a reel, an advertisement, or even a tutorial.

Canva Video provides intuitive and functional features, allowing teams to upload their clips, drag them to a timeline, and then use the tools to adjust speed, size, and appearance on the screen.

Photo 3 Kaya Sa Canva

Not sure how to start? Choose from thousands of customizable Canva templates.


Canva Philippines aims to encourage creativity by making the design process feel like play.

With the Visual Suite, users can effortlessly make their work look and feel impressive. The suite can be used at any point during the creative process to generate ideas, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity.

Photo 4 Kaya Sa Canva

As part of its commitment to supporting the Filipino design community, Canva Philippines has launched a YouTube Channel featuring tutorials, ideas, and tips to help users take full advantage of the Visual Suite.

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