Samsung debuts 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor, specially designed for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung has debuted its 200-megapixel sensor ISOCELL HP2 initially designed for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It spans 1/1.3” and packs 0.6μm pixels with new tech broaden the dynamic range and improve color reproduction.

Samsung Isocell Hp2

Samsung’s Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology enhances the ability of the HP2 sensor to reduce overexposure of photos in bright light conditions.

This technology adds a second transmission gate to each pixel, increasing the full well capacity and allowing the pixel to absorb more electrons and transmit signals more efficiently.

Consequently, this approach improves color reproduction and reduces overexposure in bright-lit environments.

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Samsung’s advanced pixel-binning technology, Tetra2pixel, allows the HP2 to simulate different pixel sizes according to lighting levels, transforming into a 1.2μm 50MP or 2.4μm 12.5MP image sensor by merging four to 16 neighboring pixels.

For 8K video at a resolution of 33MP, the HP2 switches to 1.2μm 50MP mode to minimize cropping and capture more of the scene.

In addition, the HP2’s Super QPD technology allows the sensor to use all its 200-million pixels for autofocusing agents, providing quicker and more precise focus even in dimly lit settings.

For enhanced HDR performance, the HP2 features the DSG feature for the first time in 50MP mode and the Smart-ISO Pro, an HDR solution that merges different ISO readouts from a single exposure, enabling the camera to take 12.5MP images and 4K at 60fps video in HDR.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup

Samsung said that the ISOCELL HP2 has already entered mass production and we will see it in full detail with the launch of the Galaxy S23 series on February 1st.

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