Samsung Galaxy S20+ scores 118 at DXOMark

Samsung Galaxy S20+ scores 118 at DXOMark

DXOMark has released its camera review of the Samsung Galaxy S20+, scoring 118 points.

The camera score puts the Samsung Galaxy S20+ at the number 10 spot, barely edging out the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ at 117 points.


According to DXOMark’s review, “The primary camera delivers accurate exposure even in the most challenging lighting conditions, with well-saturated color and generally accurate white balance. Its autofocus is fast and accurate, and actually slightly better than the more expensive S20+ Ultra, which we found a little unstable and notably slow in low light. Texture is good in outdoor conditions, but the same oversharpening we saw on the S20 Ultra can give S20+ images a slightly unnatural appearance, and fine detail is often lost in indoor and low-light images. Noise on the S20+ is also significantly more prevalent in lower light conditions compared to devices with physically larger sensors and better tuning, such as the Huawei P40 Pro.”

“If you’re looking for an advanced camera phone from a well-established manufacturer at a lower cost than a premium flagship, Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ fits the bill. Its quad-camera offers dedicated wide, ultra-wide, zoom, and bokeh sensors, and in many respects its image quality is comparable to the more expensive Samsung S20 Ultra. Its ultra-wide camera and bokeh shots are particularly impressive, and exposure and color are excellent from all its cameras in virtually all lighting conditions. Autofocus is accurate and reliable, and detail is good, even if a bit oversharpened.”

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ has a 12MP F1.8 primary, 12MP ultra-wide, 64MP F2.0 telephoto, and Depth Vision lens, quad-rear cameras.

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