Samsung launches Galaxy S23 lineup locally via Epic House party

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Samsung launches the Galaxy S23 lineup in spectacular fashion via their Samsung Epic House launch party that allows people to immerse themselves with the product and to properly feature the S23 lineup’s capabilities in various situations.

Through their Epic House concept, Samsung was able to highlight three different factors and uses of the S23 through three people with different demands and lifestyles that each showcased three different areas to showcase these.

Epic Nightography:
The epic nightography room was featured by photographer BJ Pascual, who shared helpful tips and insights on photography and how the Galaxy S23’s Nightography feature suits his creative aesthetics and demands.

The Epic Nightography featured three different stations: Night selfie, where it allows guests to test and take selfies in the dark surrounded by various neon lights. Night Video, wherein guests can record themselves in the dark surrounded by reflective panels that showcases the S23’s ability to capture motion in low light conditions.

Last but not least, the Night Portrait room gives guests the opportunity to take portrait photos of themselves surrounded by colorful neon lights to show the S23’s enhanced Nightography feature in portrait mode.

All in all, the Epic Nightography area highlights the S23’s enhanced nightography feature including its new AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) that enhances and improves object details and color tone in low light situations. This also makes images sharper and crisper compared to the previous model.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Pro-grade photos are also possible with the expert RAW application, and the S23 series also showcases the most stable video capture with a doubled optical image stabilizer (OIS) for improved night videography. Video quality has also been improved with enhanced 8K video at 30fps along with a wider angle for the S23 Ultra.

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Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Epic Passions:
The Epic Passions room features three zones, namely the Poductivity, Gaming, and Self Expression Zone. Liza Soberano introduced the guests to the Epic Passions room and how the Galaxy S23 series helps her make the most out of her busy schedule and how her secret love of gaming also proves that the S23 is perfect for mobile gamers like her.

She reiterates how the Galaxy S23 series places an emphasis on multi-tasking and how the Samsung ecosystem allows you to be more efficient with work as well as balancing passion and relaxation with the series’ Multi Control feature that connects the Galaxy S23 to the Samsung PC and tablet with mouse and keyboard functionality.

The gaming room shows how the Galaxy S23’s performance with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, which is Samsung’s most powerful and efficient processor allows for smooth graphics even with hours of gaming. The 5000mAh battery also makes sure that you have more than enough power even on the most intensive of gaming sessions.

Epic Sustainability:
The Epic Sustainability room shows how Samsung is targeting to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, starting with the Galaxy S23’s use of sustainable materials, that are made from pre-consumer recycled aluminum, glass and plastics as well as discarded fishing nets, PET bottles, and old water barrels.

The S23 lineup also makes use of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 which asides from being the most durable, is also made with 22% pre-consumed recycled materials. Introducing this room is artist Leeroy New who also introduced his Flotilla art installation that is also made with sustainable and recycled products. Guest can also write pledges on what they can do for the planet using the Galaxy S23’s S-pen, wherein their pledges are also displayed in the digital wall in real time.

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The Galaxy S23 series showcases epic features and is also available for pre-order with various promos and bundles including a free memory upgrade that allows buyers to upgrade to a bigger memory model should they pre-order by February 23, 2023. Prices start at PHP 53,990 for the S23, PHP 68,990 for the S23+, and PHP 81,990 for the S23 Ultra. More details here: Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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