Samsung to showcase new display technologies at SID Display Week 2021

Samsung to showcase new display technologies at SID Display Week 2021

Samsung Display has announced its participation in the “Display Week 2021” exhibition hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) International from May 17 to 21, 2021.

As per Samsung Display, its theme for its exhibition is “Better life thru Samsung OLED,” revealing next-generation technologies such as an S-shaped foldable display (S-Foldable), a slideable display (Slideable), and an Under Panel Camera (UPC).

The S-Foldable is a multi-foldable product that can be folded twice inward and outward. With its screen fully opened, it sports a 7.2 inched screen—catering to the concept of a smartphone when folded twice and a tablet when fully extended. The S-Foldable will be presented through video.

Next is Samsung’s 17-inch foldable display, a product that doubles down as a tablet when folded at a 4:3 ratio and a monitor when fully extended.


Slideable is a product that can horizontally stretch its screen while maintaining its original shape. As a result, it is portable and great for multitasking, according to Samsung Display.

Lastly is Samsung’s Under Panel Camera. It utilizes full-screen technology that minimizes the smartphone’s bezel and therefore maximizing the screen’s display by installing the front camera underneath the display and improving the transmittance of the camera module.

“The ‘SID Display Week 2021’ virtual exhibition itself is an event that indicates the development potential of the display industry in a non-face-to-face, remote society. ” said a Samsung Display official, “this event will present the company’s technology vision and innovative OLED solutions and provide an opportunity to experience the everyday life that the display will change in the near future.”

Meanwhile, Samsung Display will also present 27 articles on a variety of topics, including next-generation luminescent materials and TFT device technology, at SID 2021. Stick around for more updates on this.

Source: Samsung Display

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