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Tamagotchi On to be released in the US

Bandai has just announced that it will be launching Tamagotchi On in the US. Tamagotchi On was first released in Japan in 2018 as Tamagotchi Meets.

The Tamagotchi On will be the first colored-digital screen Tamagotchi device released in the US. It’s also the first Tamagotchi device in the US that will have the marriage and family system. The size is much larger than the older ones as well. In Tamagotchi On, the Tamagotchi pets are now capable of growing up, getting married, and producing offspring. Tamagotchi parents will have an egg, and once it hatches, the offspring Tamagotchi will grow up to resemble its parents.

Apart from Marriage and Family, users can also decide the various activities for their virtual pet such as Eat, Poop, Shop, Sleep, Play. Tamagotchi On also has wireless capabilities for two Tamagotchi Ons to share data, do playdates, travel, and marry. Up to 16 generations of a family can exist on a device.

Tamagotchi On will be available in two themes, Fairy and Magic, each with exclusive lands and characters. Bandai slated the Tamagotchi On’s release for July 2019, with a price tag of USD 60 (~PHP 3,145).


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