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TCL slide out phone concept

TCL is exploring new ways to extend the phone’s display, and this time it’s through a slide-out mechanism.

Based on the images from CNET, the phone looks like a regular phone with a curved front display. However, it can slide out to reveal an even bigger, 7-inch screen.

From the renders, we can see speaker grills and a USB C port on the bottom of the device, volume rockers and a power button on the right, and dual punch-hole cameras on the upper left of the display. On the right side, just before the dual cameras, there’s a break where the phone slides out.

While this manner of extending displays removes the crease that folding phones have, it’s still not as smooth as renders may suggest. Unless the inner screen bends and folds inwards instead of being hidden underneath the outer display, there should be a small ledge that separates the two sections of the screen. If that’s the case, then it might be worse than the crease because there’s a physical obstruction blocking you from swiping on the display.

While TCL did not respond for comments regarding their concept device, we hope that they will showcase the new tech alongside the rest of their products when they host their event in place of this year’s MWC.

Source: Cnet

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