BlackBird: HP's new Gaming PC

BlackBird: HP’s new Gaming PC

HP is promoting its new kick-ass gaming PC called the BlackBird 002. From the outside, it’s looks like an alien casing of sorts but the inside reveals a whole enchilada of geeky goodness.

See specs and pictures after the jump.

HP Blackbird


  • Athlonâ„¢ AMD X2 6000+ 3.0GHz or Intel® Core2â„¢ Extreme Quad-Core 3.0GHz
  • 1GB 1GHz CORSAIR PC2-8500 DDR2 SDRAM SLI enabled (up to 8GB)
  • ATI RADEON X2900â„¢ XT 1GB, with 1GB of GDDR2 SDRAM or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX, with 756MB of GDDR2 SDRAM one single-link DVI port, and one dual-link DVI port (available with liquid cooling)
  • Up to 5 x 750GB 7200 rpm SATA

Blackbird 002

This rig is a monster. It’s a bout 2 feet tall — height: 598.64 mm (23.5 inches), width: 266.96 mm (9 inches), length: 557.23 mm (22 inches), weight (full configuration): 72 pounds (32.659 kg) — and pretty heavy if I might add.

It has that hover effect so the thing really looks like a dark floating spaceship from afar. Made of cast aluminum, it’s powered by a 1,100 watt power supply and allows you customize the speed, power, and cooling for overclocking fanboys. And because it features a tool-less entry system, you can snap in or out the hardwares as fast as you can with the locking clips.

{ Visit official website here. }

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14 Responses

  1. franz says:

    totally insane!

  2. Kiven says:

    Question would be the price as you can definitely get the same performance by building it yourself for less

  3. It’s probably the next best thing you can buy to a full-fledged server-although with AMD’s new Barcelona you’d probably feel ripped off with that– although it’s quite flashy. No wait, pricey too. I like my PC’s cheap or efficient or both. Here’s my current choices:
    Fujitsu’s Lifebook U
    Asus EEE

  4. pao says:

    *wipes drool off chin*
    that looks yummy.

  5. issai says:

    i won’t buy it for that price! dude $5000??!! are they kidding me?? it’s not the specs that make it this expensive, i mean, it’s the other “features” that make it expensive.

    i got a gaming pc which is also HP but much much cheaper than this one. the blackbird may have better cooling and more ports, but looking at the specs, seems like normal. check out my gaming pc, less than half the price of the blackbird (around $1500 total plus monitor).

    it’s all marketing… you wouldn’t want to buy this for $5000 and by 2 year it’s already obsolete.

  6. jhay says:

    Awesome!!! But at $5K?! I’d rather spend it on an authentic Alienware system instead.

  7. Aiza says:

    looks like darth vader’s ship’s central computer. really pricey pa. nyerk!

  8. algor says:

    good specs, but i can buy my own parts (cheaper,faster plus hp= full of crap ware), 2x ati 2900xt 1gb crossfire, amd 6200 ohh crap cant wait :O and just bellow $$$ 2k

  9. earl jam says:

    Nice pc! But with that price tag, I’d rather buy a Gibson Les Paul, a set of effects, and an awesome amp.

  10. Walter says:

    HP should have first consulted the hardcore modders/gamers before building this one.
    ATI’s 2900XT video card is already old and power hungry at 800Watts!
    The fever that’s eating up the above folks are now nVidia’s 8800GTX and ATI’s 3870 X2 video cards. Water-cooled rigs are already employed 2 years ago by same bunch of people.

    If I have a $ 5,000….I wouldn’t buy that kind of rig….I’ll build my own that will make the latest games of 2008 like I’m already in the year 2020!

  11. marloalberto says:

    too expensive!!! i agree with the other posts that you can get the same specs/features with a cheaper price, especially if you know how to build your own computer.

    tower looks nice though… kinda gives a starwars/startrek feel to it.

    also like ACER’s tower! the one that looks like a transformer. :)

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  13. Jason says:

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