Freecom claims Smallest 2.5" External HDD

Freecom claims Smallest 2.5″ External HDD

External mobile hard drives are pretty common nowadays and to get some attention, Freecom claims it owns the world’s smallest external HDD in the 2.5″ category.

freecom hdd

Actually, most mobile hard drives have the same size and dimensions. What’s making them lighter, bigger or smaller is the casing so Freecom made the simplest casing — a touch rubber jacket.


freecom hdd

This mobile HDD sent in by PCTrends has a capacity of 320GB, covered by a rubber case and comes with a USB cable. Compared to my old WD Passport 160GB, the  Freecom XSS is about 25% smaller.

freecom hdd

The Freecom XXS mobile HDD costs about Php3,550 in stores.

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9 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    Have to see (and subsequently, buy) this one. My 160GB is almost full. Attractive price. The rubber casing seems interesting too, since it would minimize slipping when you hold it. Unlike the hard plastic of the iSav casing which is so glossy, I have dropped it a couple of times already. Good thing it wasn’t damaged, though.

  2. Calvin says:

    mmm nice. i’m in the lookout for a new external hdd as well. can’t wait to get may playonHD.

  3. I’ll wait longer before I get an external HDD. Specifically if they get the 1TB externals to be smaller! :P

  4. Edgar says:

    A nice deal at Php3,550 for 320GB. I shelled out almost twice that much just a year ago for one with half of that capacity.

  5. Jan says:

    Where can I get one of these?

  6. roland says:

    where can i buy this?

  7. jackie says:

    Where can I buy freecom??

  8. Stacey says:

    I bought 1 TB Freecom EDD for P5,400 here in Ilocos. Very light and small. So far so good. I am loving this stuff!

  9. stacey says:

    Sorry, I mean to type EHDD instead of EDD.

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