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HP intros new printers, cheaper inks

HP Philippines today introduced a new line of HP Inkjet printers with more affordable inks to cater to home and SOHO users.

The new printers ranged from simple home printers (HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2010) that costs Php3,599 up to all-in-one printers (HP Officejet Advantage 4500 All-in-One) that goes for Php8,999.


The new ink cartridges have also been lowered to just Php390 per cartridge that can do up to 600 pages for the black ink and 200 pages for the color ink on the cartridge.

The new printers and inks will be available in stores this October.

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20 Responses

  1. JP says:

    Meron kami nung HP K209a 3in1 printer, which we bought yesterday. Mahal yung printer pero mura nga daw ung ink, same lang ng ink cartridge sa tass (HP 703). Ayos!

  2. John says:

    Hmm.. still costly compared to Epson. I bought an Epson Stylus C90 last two years at PhP2490 and the inks (Economy) is priced at 295 each, enough for 180 pages. Still works like a brand new until now.

  3. amang says:

    hp printers are now disposable after 1 year (warranty period) wala na silang mga spare part na pwedeng iprovide and their warranty are automatic outright replacement.

  4. petken says:

    better ang continuous ink a lot lot cheaper…

  5. jim says:

    its about time for them to kick those high priced inks. they also produce a lot of waste from the expensive cartridges

  6. is the printer build of lesser quality?

  7. lolipown says:

    umm.. CIS?

  8. Jhay says:

    I’ve been an HP printer user since ever. Though their ink cartridges were one of the most expensive a few years ago, it’s great to see they’ve slashed down the prices today.

    Hopefully their new printers would last longer than before. I recall having to replace my unit every two years because it would just die for no apparent reason despite being well taken care of.

  9. manong says:

    imho… printers and ink should be very expensive since they are not environment friendly, wasteful and you need physical space to keep anything you print.

    the tech community should put up an end-of-life date for printers since it was invented to replace the typewriter/photograph and now everything should be digital.

  10. i have a 5 year old brother 3-in-1 which has 4 separate ink cartridges, each costing at least 800 pesos. i hope more printers would have inks that cost within 300 pesos :)

  11. adam says:

    Mas mura yung sa HP900 inkjet, bumili ako ng ink P290 pesos lang yung black ink then P350 yung colored. So far mas mura yun kesa Epson T10 printer runs out of ink easily

  12. froi says:

    this are all BS! yes you can buy ink for a cheaper price BUT you will buy you printer about 4k???thats insane.. in tech money says it all.. if you dont think very well you will over spend. for 4k you can buy already a 3 in 1 printer… i suggest you buy hp cheap printer then use hp simple black inks

  13. I have a HP D2460, ~ 3 yrs old. bought it for around 2 1/2 thousand pesos

    I use inkmate black ink (200 pesos for a small bottle, probably good for 10 refills) and calidad color refills (200-300 pesos, i forgot, good for 2-3 refills). I dont print too much and i’ve clogged only one set of color/black cartridges with refill inks in those 3 years.

    Thats the nice thing about HP, replace the ink cartridge and its almost good as new. I had a 10 year old HP 660c that I ressurected 2 years ago with brand new cartridges. I had to help push the paper through and the gears made awful noises but the print quality was the same.

    Bad thing about my HP is it jams on paper > 200 gsm

  14. Lincoln says:

    Does Hewlett Packard finally saw the light?

    If they really want to stamp out cheaper alternative inks like compatible hp inks or remanufactured hp toners, they should lower the prices.

  15. mr.bogus says:

    no for this!!! bibili na lang ako printer at ipapa convert ko to “bottomless ink”… just think of it mahal pa ang ink nila kesa sa gasoline..

  16. John DC says:


    have you tried to go through the entire week or even the day without even reading or relying on a print-out document or picture?

    besides the green angle doesn’t quite work, digital display uses electricity

    back to topic, hopefully the other manufacturers will follow suit, canon inks are too expensive, black + color usually cost almost 2k!

  17. Anthony says:

    I hope that these new printers are eco-friendly too.

  18. nick says:

    i have a printer model is dell 924………and does not have a powercord or a adaptor at ink cartridge for it….may i ask if you or company sell of that…pls rply salamat

  19. nick says:

    powercord or adaptor and ink cartridge for dell 924….. pls give me some advice tnx….

  20. Rodel says:

    Where can I buy ink cartridges for Dell 924? Please help me. Thanks!

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