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HP Slate 500 is official; priced at $799

So HP’s own tablet PC has formally launched today and like RIM, it will be intended for enterprise use. Dubbed the HP Slate 500, this Windows 7 tablet has all the genes of a typical netbook hardware.

This 8.9″ tablet has a capacitive display with a screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Powered by an Intel Atom Z540 processor running at 1.86GHz with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, 64GB SSD for storage and WiFi for connectivity. There’s a 3MP camera and a VGA front-facing camera as well.

And we thought it would run Palm’s WebOS but turns out it’s still Microsoft Windows 7 Pro. Considering this is for enterprise, my guess is that HP will be doing another version for regular folks with WebOS in it.

The entire kit will include the HP Slate Digital Pen, HP Slate Dock, and HP Slate Portfolio. All for the business-friendly price of $799. The HP Slate will only be limited to the US market for now and the company will evaluate if they’d expand this outside US borders in the future.

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23 Responses

  1. Joshua M. says:

    So I can smell a price at 40-50k?

  2. Michael Ebora says:

    WOW. A Tablet With WIN7… anywys.. on engadget it says $549..

  3. Drey says:

    gizmodo and endgadget said $799 :)

  4. Michael Ebora says:

    yeah.. 1st it was 549.. now 799… and to yuga, yes,, it is confirmed on 2011 they will release a webOS vr. of hp slate…

    “When HP acquired Palm this year, we saw huge potential in webOS as the foundation for a whole ecosystem of connected consumer devices. We quickly realized that we had to include the slate in that equation. Imagine the slate connecting to the cloud and working in concert across all your devices. We adjusted our approach, shared our new vision and confirmed that a webOS slate will reach the market in 2011. ”


  5. peepee says:

    Reading the comments in Engadget regarding this tablet, I can’t help but laugh out loud. Some of the commenters are labeling this as DOA (in reference to Steve Jobs remark on 7-inch tablets), while others are complaining at the high price.

    My take.. Unless Microsoft would make a proper OS optimized for tablets, not the hackneyed touch version of Windows 7, these slates will continue to fail like 10 years ago. A desktop operating system will not properly translate into multi-touch because of small interface elements designed for mice and the resource hungry Windows 7 will make the tablet toast with heat. Forget the skins made by ExoPC, Microsoft should design a tablet OS from scratch like what they did with the great Windows Phone 7.

    In HP’s part, I’m hoping that they would leverage their resources in webOS for creating a competitive phone and tablet for thd iPhone and iPad respectively. WebOS is a great mobile operating system, try to perfect the marriage between the software with the hardware. Palm Pre is good phone with middling hardware and great software, and it failed big time.

    Last is the price! Apple taught people that a tablet should be a 9.7 inch starting at a very competitive price. The Galaxy Tab would be a better value for some (dual cameras, 512mb ram), but the majority of people would think that it is overpriced because of its size (7 in. vs 9.7 in.). Withstanding the 3G+WIFI, people will perceive that the $499 wi-fi ipad is better compared to $600 Tab. HP shoul price the upcoming webos tablet competitively.

  6. Em says:

    this needs android and not win7

  7. Hung says:

    yeah, put webOS on this tablet, add android apps integration with windows marketplace then it’ll be great but impossible -only Apple can do that with their own Hardware/Software and iTunes App Store

  8. walang imik says:

    eh di sa kanila n lang!!!!

  9. jd says:

    I agree with most of the comments. Windows 7 is rubbish on touch tablet, this OS is not meant with the hardware. I bought my wife a lenovo s10-3t netvertible a few months ago, and tried installing several touch apps to make the best out of it, but still… ended up selling it to a friend. Just promised my wife i’ll buy her an ipad or an android tablet. got win7 on my gaming laptop and it’s great! but for tablets, as i’ve said – RUBBISH! probably they should try to port win phone 7 instead to a larger touch screen.

  10. mr.bogus says:

    i go for archos and samsung…

  11. Teknisyan says:

    another rushed product that wants to join the tablet race!

  12. gina says:

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  13. Jhay says:

    Cautious approach to entering the tablet market because they know they can’t compete with the iPad just yet.

    Give or take three or five years, the iPad will certainly have a lot of credible competitors running Android and WebOS.

  14. TotoyBato says:

    I’d rather buy a 4.3″ smartphone than a tablet.

    You talk too much.

  15. rj230006 says:

    Yuga, you know where I can buy or order one?

  16. Bullet says:

    Any idea when this tablet will be out in the Philippine market or if this will ever be available here? And if ever this will be out in the PHilippine market, do you have an est

  17. Bullet says:

    Any idea when this tablet will be out in the Philippine market or if this will ever be available here? And if ever this will be out in the PHilippine market, do you have an estimate of how much this would cost?

  18. spt78 says:

    yuga, next time naman when you feature a product paki-include where to buy info. it’s well and good that we know all about the latest gadgets, but if we can’t find the prods here in pinas or that the product is not immediately available, ang hirap maghanap sa labas kung san makabili. and i don’t particularly like buying from abroad (ke through Jac or whatever pa kasi pag nagkaproblema, d kagad maisoli). i know, you have a lot of contacts of gadget vendors out there and you can tell which ones are the more reliable ones. so pls, pls favor naman. (esp if you know anyone who’s planning to sell exopc here). thanks

  19. ahmet says:

    Any idea when this tablet will be out in the Philippine market or if this will ever be available here? And if ever this will be out in the PHilippine market, do you have an estimate of how much this would cost?

  20. Federico says:

    TV output is available?

  21. Pornici naj says:

    Tablet looks good…nice

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