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Laptops that you can buy under Php20,000

Laptops that you can buy under Php20,000

Nowadays, laptops are one of the most important gadgets in our everyday life as we can use it for work, school, and entertainment. That said, we all need a laptop that can accommodate our needs without breaking the bank. This is where this guide comes along.

We listed down laptops that you can buy under Php20,000 that is good for average work and casual entertainment such as watching videos. Don’t expect gaming in these laptops, though. Php20,000 whilst a lot of money is still not yet capable of gaming at a decent performance level (unless your game is candy crush)..

This guide is for those who are on a budget and is looking for a good laptop that can attend to their specific needs without breaking the bank. If you can spend a bit more, go check out our Laptops within Php30,000 for an average casual gaming performance. If you’re planning on buying a PC though we suggest you check out our Php 20,000 AMD PC Build Guide and Php20,000 Intel PC Build guide.

Lenovo 100S-14IBR – Php16,500


Processor  Intel Celeron N3050
Graphics  Integrated Intel HD Graphics (Braswell)
RAM  4GB 1600Mhz
Storage  128GB SSD
Size  14″ (1366×768) Display
Operating System  Windows 10 Home Edition
Battery  2-Cell
Available Colors  Silver, Red

The first on our list is the Lenovo 100S-14IBR. It’s powered by an Intel Celeron N3050 and 4GB of RAM, accompanied by a 128GB SSD with a 14″ display and a 2-cell battery.

Specs wise this isn’t the best laptop on the list but it is good enough if you’re someone who frequently uses Microsoft Word all the time – and the cheapest. If you’re someone who’s one a budget and isn’t planning on gaming or any sort of CPU/GPU intensive task, then this laptop is good enough for you. We saw stocks at Gilmore and Dynaquest is currently selling one as well.

Acer Z1402-32G0 – Php19,500Acer-Aspire-One-Z1402-3

Processor Intel Core i3-5005U
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5500
RAM 2GB 1600Mhz
Storage 500GB SATA HDD
Size 14″ (1366×768) Display
Operating System Windows 10 Home Edition
Battery 4-Cell
Available Colors Charcoal Black

Moving up the bracket is the Acer Z1402-32G0. This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3-5005U, 2GB of 1600Mhz RAM, and 500GB of storage space. Unlike the Lenovo 100S-14IBR, the Acer Z1402-32G0 is Php3,000 more expensive but makes up to it by having a faster and more efficient processor, significantly more but slower storage space (an SSD has faster read/write speeds than a HDD), and an expected longer battery life thanks to its 4-Cell battery.

This is a better choice if you’re someone who is still not that intensive when using the PC/Laptop, but is always on the go and has numerous files to store. Still isn’t recommended even if you plan on playing Dota 2 at the lowest settings. This can be bought via order or pickup at DynaquestPC


Lenovo 100-14IBD – Php19,900


Processor Intel Core i3-5005u
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5500
RAM 4GB 1600Mhz
Storage 1TB HDD
Size 14″ (1366×768) Display
Operating System Windows 10 Home Edition
Battery 4-Cell
Available Colors Black

For an additional Php400 you get twice the storage space and more RAM than the one above. If you could spend more this is a better choice since you can store more files. Thanks to that additional 2GB RAM, the laptop will have more breathing room when transferring/processing data. Once again this laptop is not suitable for gaming. We saw one at PC Edge Gilmore fpr Php19.900, though it is also avaialble with a slightly higher price at Dynaquest.

Asus X540LA-XX002T – Php19,990


Processor Intel Core i3-4005U
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400
RAM 4GB 1600Mhz
Storage 500 GB HDD
Size 15.6″ (1366×768)
Operating System Windows 10 Home Edition
Battery 6-cell
Available Colors Black

For an additional Php90, the Asus X540LA-XX002T is a larger laptop with a longer battery life but with the cost of an older generation processor, and half the storage space of the Lenovo 100-14IBD. Performance-wise, you won’t really notice much of a difference between the i3-4005U and the 5005U since they are both entry level ultra low voltage processors. Not to mention that the only advantage of the 5005U to the 4005 U is a 300Mhz increase in speed. PC Edge Gilmore is currently selling them for Php19,990 though DynaquestPC is also selling them but with a higher price of Php20,990.

This laptop is perfect for those who are on a budget and needs a 15.6″ laptop.

Lenovo G4070 – Php18,495


Processor Intel Core i3-4005U
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400
RAM 4GB 1600Mhz
Storage 500GB HDD
Size 14″ (1366×768)
Operating System DOS
Battery  4-Cell
Available Colors  Black

Same as the one above, the Lenovo G4070 uses the same i3-4005U processor though smaller (14″), has a shorter battery life, and doesn’t come with an OS (a DOS whilst an operating System, isn’t practical for anyone nowadays). This is good for those who doesn’t want Windows pre-installed. Performance-wise, it is on par with the Asus X540LA-XX002T though with a shorter battery life. You can check it out at PCExpress.

Acer Travelmate TMP236-M-380 -Php19,999


Processor  Intel Core i3-4005U
Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4400
RAM  4GB 1600Mhz
Storage  500 GB HDD
Size 13.3″ (1366×768)
Operating System  DOS
Battery  4-Cell
Available Colors  Black

If you need a smaller laptop than the ones above then this could be for you. The Acer Travelmate TMP236-M-380 is a 13.3″ laptop that is driven by an Intel Core i3-4005U, with 4GB of 1600Mhz RAM, a 500GB HDD, all powered by a 4-Cell battery. Performance-wise, it is at par with the Asus X540LA-XX002T though with a shorter battery life. Again, it isn’t recommended to be used for gaming even if it’s just Dota at the lowest settings. PCExpress currently has it on sale for Php17,999 and it is also available in selected Gilmore stores.

This article was written by Pete Deyto. A Tech-Enthusiast of all sorts, he is the Business Development Officer of Veer Technologies and Reality+, and the Corporate Relations Manager of VR Philippines. He is currently taking up B.S. Computer Science at the University of Santo Tomas.

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23 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Yuga people, PLEASE update this constantly. Like every month. SALAMAT.

  2. Alvin Santos says:

    Hoping you can do also a quick list for affordable mid range laptops that can do photoshop and light video editing.

  3. Paul says:

    Why settle for Intel integrated graphics when you can already get a below 20k laptop with a dedicated video card?

    Look for this particular model from Lenovo —

    Lenovo 100-14 80RK001HPH 14-inch HD Intel Pentium 3825U/2GB/500GB/1GB NVIDIA GeForce 920M/Windows 10 Home

    Some stores they even have an offer to upgrade the RAM to 4 GB for free.

  4. Maiba Lang says:

    Mag-re-request ako for SSD… lalo na in terms of Reliability then followed by Price. These kinds of article are really worth the time, pero nasa discretion pa rin nung nagbabasa.

  5. Jhaypee says:

    amd a8 gaming configs below 20k

  6. Danny says:

    Lenovo ideapad 100-15 P14000 15.6in , 2GB mem, 1366×768, usb3.0, 500gb hd

  7. Karl says:

    Under 40k please

  8. Great article! However, my budget is around Php15000.00 only. I hope you can suggest 2-3 models for teacher’s usage? MOre power Yugatech.com!

    • Danny says:

      Hindi maganda ang 2GB ram lang na laptop kasi pag nag open ka ng ilang windows nag low memory error agad sya. Minimum dapat ay 4GB memory, Mayron ako Lenovo Ideapad 100-15 at gamit ko ngayon sa pag browse at excel, word programs lagi kulang ang 2GB mem at nag error low memory.

      May nakita ako sabay ng binili ko itoLenovo, ung Dell with 4gb na 14500 lang na walang dvd drive, pinili ko ito Lenovo dahil sa dvd drive wrong mistake pala hahaha, kung yun sana binili ko hindi ako namomroblema sa ememory.
      Gusto ko mag add memory kya lang dagdag gastos nman. Hindi nman ginagamit na dvd drive sayang lang.

      Hanapin mo yung Dell 15.6in din ang screen sa SM Megamall. After matapos pa warranty bago galawin ng ibang shop ito Lenovo para hindi daw mawala warranty mag antay pa ako 2 months.

      Suggest ko din kung dadalhin mo laptop lagi huwag ganito 15.6in mahirap bitbitin based on my experience, maganda 14in na laptop lang.

      kung sa bahay lang gamitin, maganda ito 15.6 in laptop

  9. Karl says:

    If like 4gb meron din si dell..inspiron 3552..pentium n3700 processor nya saka 500 gb hdd. 16,499 nmn price nya

  10. Reisan says:

    Good Article! Can you also do a 40K or even 50K budget? Thanks Yuga!

  11. Nic dota says:

    sir best for gaming like dota 2 under 20k thanks:)

  12. Michelle gavino says:

    Anu.pong maganda netbook para sa anak ko nagaaral 20k below

  13. janna says:

    suggestion mga sir for more office used na laptop. word, excel at powerpoint. malaki battery at malaki storage at RAM thanks

  14. june says:

    Hi guys. looking sana ako ng laptop good na for photoshop, 20k below lang ang budget ko, salamat sa magsasuggest. thanks in advance!

  15. Jofferson says:

    I want semi gaming laptop within 20k under pls ): we don’t have budget for 21k above sad

  16. Zet says:

    Sir meron b under 20k na pang gaming? Ano best laptop sainyo?

  17. Zet says:

    Sir meron b under 20k na pang gaming? Ano best laptop sainyo? Thanks

  18. Aleta Oliveros says:

    Hi please give me contact store/person in Gilmore who sells Asus X540LA and Lenovo G4070, we will buy many units of these(10 units plus), Urgent! Thanks!

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