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Lenovo reveals 9.7″ IdeaTab S2109 ICS tablet

Lenovo just posted a video on their YouTube showcasing their latest Android ICS tablet named the IdeaPad S2109. Fairly little info were actually revealed in the video but the tablet itself looks promising.

The 9.7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet follows the same rounded profile of Lenovo’s earlier K1 tablet but this time, it looks much sleeker and thinner at just 8.9mm.

The IPS LCD display only has a resolution of just 1024×768 pixels which is a little disappointing for tis size.

A few more details about the IdeaTab S2109 are revealed in this YouTube clip.

And aside from the promised 10 hours of battery life, Lenovo did not say anything about the processor, RAM or storage which left us wondering.

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9 Responses

  1. Noir says:

    Well based from those specs. This might be a cheap tablet.

    Quality should still stay the same as other Lenovo products. Now we just need the price.

  2. coachjojoc says:

    9.7 inch screen? Another lawsuit in the works for Apple.

  3. the_czar says:

    no can do mr. coachjojoc… it’s true that it has the same dimensions.. but it was not stated on the copyright infringement act.. the design is clearly distinct..

  4. Eason says:

    iPad 2 competitor? Too late I guess.

  5. showbiz says:

    I wonder what will be the price of this tablet. Hopefully it will come out cheaper than ipad3. If not, it will have hard time penetrating the tablet market.

  6. crimsonshock says:

    Why is it that whenever there’s a new tablet from other brands it would always be tagged as an “iPad competitor”?

    They don’t have the same platforms in the first place.

  7. Edwin C says:

    Ang ganda, Ang ganda ng music.

  8. Justin R says:

    is it true that the price of Lenovo Ideapad would range from 488USD to 525USD?

  9. bryan says:

    no, thats not true ! that one is only 350USD and i guess its P15000 here in the philippines or a bit higher

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