Mac vs. PC: Roadside Edition

Mac vs. PC: Roadside Edition

Whenever someone asks me why I have not converted to Mac, I’d like to show this little photo as some sort of analogy.


This is a Mac, it will never fall on it’s side. Nobody dies on a Mac, you always have steady speed and it does not let you customize so you don’t ruin it. Anyone can drive a Mac.

This is a PC, in fact, it’s an example of a PC because there are unlimited choices. It’s hard to drive, but if you learn how to do it, you’ll easily reach 150mph in a few seconds, many people die in them because it’s hard to handle, you can customize it anyway you like, only people capable of driving transmission of fastass speeds with nothing to protect you from falling manage to see it’s full potential, the rest die out by natural selection or quit and buy Macs.

{via Lockergnome}

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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76 Responses

  1. froilanG says:

    nice sir abe! haha

  2. Not to mention that the Mac which doesn’t even come with tassels on the handlebars is priced more expensively than the PC.

  3. Carlfinity says:

    Kaya lang mas mahal ang mac compared sa bisekleta na yan! hehe

  4. tipler says:

    Uh, on the other hand, a lot of people in the tech industry uses macs, ie:



    A lot of the arguments you have are really just prejudices. Now, if it were iOS you were talking about…

  5. MyMaria says:

    Been a Windows power user for 16 years… converted to Mac last year — best decision I’ve ever made. Oh and no, I’m not a gamer so customization was never a real issue for me. I just grew tired of the crashes I get from Windows. But it all really depends on the user — what you need your computer to do and how much money you’re willing to spend for it. It’s that simple. no need to choose sides really. ^_^ Just like I prefer driving my automatic car now over the previous one I had with manual transmission (i don’t miss it one bit). But that’s just my 2 cents…

  6. Ouch! Sakit mo naman magsalita, Abe. :D

  7. I’ve been a PC user for more than a decade and a half and have recently “switched” to a Mac (I still have both systems though). Working on a Mac is definitely smoother with its accurately blended hardware and software. When we talk about a PC, it’s just an empty shell wherein we decide what OS to put resulting in a not so smooth and almost crude experience (e.g. multitouch support and gestures). And when it comes to power, hardware-wise they’re just the same except for the price of course. But with regards to the OS, unless you put a Linux or Unix based OS on your PC, OSX is still the most technically advanced. One good example is your command prompt in Windows as compared to Mac’s bash-based terminal. You still need to install a 3rd party tool (like PuTTY) on Windows to get even the most basic of services such as SSH. This is where the Mac really shines, it can cater to beginners as well as power users.

  8. Tim says:

    I mostly just surf the web, email, watch some movies- Windows XP on a used Dell works fine for me. Macs are quite overpriced.

  9. fr0stbyte says:

    There’s a reason why driving lessons are created. Boo Yah! :b

  10. Joshua M says:

    When I go for a desktop computer I choose PC

    When I want a laptop I choose MAC end of story

  11. Steve Jobs says:

    for windows users here who didn’t have a chance to experience the wonderful world of mac, you can try to install mac on your pc via several i-distros (iATKOS, iDeneb, iPC, Kalyway) just google it for more info.

    —-> TurkOSX86

  12. Steve Jobs says:


    and if you like mac, then buy a real mac!

  13. sylv3rblade says:

    Mac for programming work (unless of course you’re a .NET guy), PC for gaming.

  14. Fleeb says:

    A Mac is still a personal computer.

  15. marco rodriguez says:


  16. HP Guy says:

    Supporting corporate business, we’re still using windows and i bet we will be using windows until eternity… at home im using Linux!

  17. A says:

    Mac is stupid. Linux has everything that Mac has in terms of security and performance as compared to windows. The only thing Mac has that Linux doesn’t are those idiotic media products like Adobe and whatnot, which are on Windows anyway.

  18. lawreas says:

    versatility/function/apps/games/familiarity (read: computer lessons since elementary)/productivity/price value = windows

    hardware/software integration/premium feel/user-friendliness/stability/rich people/simple ui= mac

  19. jay says:

    i smell bloodshed in the air hahaha

  20. manong says:

    do you mean an apple mac is an overpriced bicycle while a windows pc is crash-prone motorcycle?

    and linux? maybe a free bus ride with a hostage-taker inside…

  21. JunAlquis says:

    let’s face it.. what made Macs famous was the failure of Vista and iPods. I’m not saying that it is bad just what made it famous.

  22. Ronaldo F. San Pablo says:

    PC rocks! \m/

    It’s EASY when you know HOW. ;)

  23. mAdden says:

    MAC just made for sosie people who are always on the coffee shop to display it. LOL
    PC rocks!

  24. Jiro Yan says:

    I love Mac so much…

  25. Teknisyan says:

    If that bike is a MAC, then that’s one expensive bike!! :)

    That’s one heck of an analogy! :)

  26. bogus says:

    try it both before making any comment. if you can’t/didn’t try it then you don’t have the right to comment. otherwise your comment are just hearsay. no substance.

  27. MacMoMukhaMo! says:

    i’ve been w/ computers far too long now i cant even remember when i started. i’ve been w/ Linux,Win,etc and MacOS as well. As for this argument, theres only ne thing i can say. MAC are for Dumbasses.

  28. phoenix_down10 says:

    contrary to popular belief, macs can be customized. the latest mac pro can reach up to 12 cores and more than 8gb of RAM. video cards can also be upgraded. but after all of these, iiyak ka sa hirap.

    when you talk about macs as computers, i say macbooks are still the leaders in the portable computing world. nothing beats that 10 hour maximum battery life. i once had to write a test for my philosophy class in a coffee shop without any wall plugs left. from 6pm to 11:30pm i worked without even needing to charge and i stilll had 2 hours of battery life left. of course netbooks can achieve something like this but a macbook is a laptop, not a netbook.

    But i guess the mac versus pc debate is a stalemate after all. macs are expensive, and you can get more bang for your buck for a pc. with the release of windows 7, snow leopard now has a rival in the scene.

    btw, i use both pcs and macs. i still tweak desktops at home, build them, and fix em. i use xp, vista, and 7. i dual boot osx and 7 on my macbok.

  29. Marcus says:

    kaya lang nga, when it comes to price, it’s the other way around hehe… (is that a Ducati or I’m reading it right, Kawasaki?!)

  30. Dave says:

    Still don’t have idea about Mac until i read this one, well thanks for the analogy. It really shows that MAC has different better features.

  31. I had a wee Apple iBook G4 and a desktop that ran first on Windows, and then on various flavors of Linux.
    Sold the desktop and got a laptop that’s been running Linux Mint for about two years now. And more recently I acquired a netbook running Windows, because my scanner only talks to Windows.

    The iBook turned “obsolete” and was sold, and was never replaced by a newer model.

    Why? Usage – I have to be one of the most bare-bones users ever on a laptop. Email, social networking, photo editing (yay, GIMP!), and the occasional office app, mainly word processing. For these, the desktop on Linux and the netbook on Windows do me just fine. I can cheerfully state that 98% of my time is on the Linux laptop, and rarely have I had the kind of tear-out-your-hair problems that previous versions of Windows used to give me.

    Price also matters. Just couldn’t afford the price of a new Apple machine, much as I enjoyed working with my iBook. It’s got everything all beautifully integrated, and it’s really worth what you pay for, only I wasn’t willing to pay it. *grin*

    It’s all a matter of choice, I think. If you like what you’ve got, and it does what you want it to do, then more power to you!

  32. android_fanboi says:

    nice analogy.. definitely the mac losses there (one Mac VS the rest of the PC Windows machine hehe )

    but they still have their iPhone OS devices versus the rest of the Android smarthones (iPhone OS Vs Android)

    if you’re a pro gamer most likely you’re using a PC or a Windows machine…

    Gaming on a Mac = Stability but less Framerates (FPS)
    Gaming on the PCs = Sky High (fps) but less stable

    Source from Arstechnica

    Also, said Newell, “what’s sort of surprising is how much more stable our games are on the Mac.” Looking at the early data available from the Steam client, “the Mac is five times more stable than Windows” when using the metric of minutes played versus number of crashes.

    Mac OS X has never been the preferred platform for gamers, despite its support for the OpenGL 3D graphics framework. Part of the issue is that graphics hardware drivers for Mac OS X just aren’t as well optimized as they are on Windows. In an OpenGL benchmark comparison between Mac OS X 10.6.3 and Windows 7 x64 by Phoronix running on identical Apple hardware—in this case, a 9400M-equipped Mac mini—Windows 7 trounced Mac OS X in terms of raw speed.

    Valve founder Gabe Newell said the Mac platform and its support for OpenGL represents a great opportunity for the company. “We’re definitely not as mature on the Mac as we are with our work on the PC,” he said.

    “We’ve been shipping games for years on Windows; we’ve been shipping them for a week on the Mac,” said Mitchell.

    you can install Windows 7 (supported by Microsoft) on a mac and experience the same gaming experiences on a PC or much better

  33. android_fanboi says:

    what about security on the Macs..

    Google’s answer to internal security: Drop Windows, use Mac or Linux instead

  34. Miss Kate says:

    I beg to disagree Mr. Yugatech. I’m a mac user and just like what phoenix_down10 said, Mac can be customized according to your liking. I know that Mac is more expensive but if you’re looking for longevity, a Mac is worth every centavo. It won’t crash on you and you need not install and run virus scans. You also get free system/application upgrades from time to time. Mac solved my simple problems: I don’t want a computer that keeps on hanging, I want a computer that’s easy to use and I don’t like a computer that crashes all the time! Boo PC. :P

  35. Monborj says:

    This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been trying to tell everyone!

    I’ve been a Win user since version 3.1 to Windows 7. Last year, I was forced to use a Mac at work. After using it for around 6 months, I got so frustrated about the inability to customize things and the way it babies you too much.

    I ended up demanding the office to issue me a Windows 7 laptop =) I’m now a happy boy

    never again Mac.

  36. John Carl says:

    Awts, I was a hardcore PC user. I needed a PC because of my work environment – Electronics Engineering. Most simulation softwares work only on PCs, and Mac can’t tear down that fact.

    I just shifted to Mac last Saturday. I’m a lot satisfied and every time Snow Leopard greets me, I become stress-free. A Mac can give a dose brand coolness for my ego. It’s a lot secured. It’s also UNIX-based, so I can play around with the Terminal.

    On the other side of the spectrum, I thought I would still need the power of Windows. Simple problem to solve: I installed Windows 7 on my Mac via BootCamp.

  37. diablo3 says:

    choose alienware as laptop rather than mac laptop! end of story! :p

  38. JKisaragi says:

    I’d give up my Windows desktop and notebook for one of those new Macbooks.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m having quite a good experience with Windows. I guess the 10hr battery life and the Garageband software (included in iLife) is really the highlight as to why I want one of those.

    But alas, I quit my job to become a full-time student. So even if I manage to sell some of my stuff, I’d still be short of cash as to the accessories that I’ll need to protect that thing. And also additional software (like maybe Microsoft Office for Mac).

    Maybe when I pass the bar I could buy one for myself. But until then, I guess my PC and notebook will have to do.

  39. John Carl says:

    Awts, I was a hardcore PC user. I needed a PC because of my work environment – Electronics Engineering. Most simulation softwares work only on PCs. Indeed, Mac can’t tear down that fact.

    I just shifted to Mac last Saturday. I’m a lot satisfied and every time Snow Leopard greets me, I become stress-free. A Mac can give a dose brand coolness for my ego. It’s a lot secured. It’s also UNIX-based, so I can play around with the Terminal.

    On the other side of the spectrum, I thought I would still need the power of Windows. Simple problem to solve: I installed Windows 7 on my Mac via BootCamp.

  40. david says:

    wrong analogy. the more appropriate one would be segway vs motorcycle. one gives you a proprietary, smooth, expensive, and easy to use experience, the other you can keep as stock, or customise however you wish.

  41. Joshua M says:

    @diablo3 a laptop is for an on the go device a computer that would come in handy to browse the web, do documents, and stuff but alienware for a laptop? I know what you are thinking – gaming! – NOT worth it if you are going for gaming machine stick with a desktop PC at half or 3/4 the price of your alienware you can get and build a monstrous desktop on watercooling an SLi or Crossfire VC. Laptops are laptops

    Laptops = MAC OSX
    Desktop = PC Windows 7 or what ever version

    nuf said

  42. chibabs says:

    I’ve been using my ultra-reliable Mac Powerbook G4, be it for personal or business use. Bought this in 2006 as a replacement for my first iBook and very much satisfied to date.
    I don’t have that much money to buy an iMac so I just decided to install Linux Ubuntu installed on my 10 year old AMD Duron home PC and it works great!!!
    Ubuntu gave it a new lease on life!
    It’s got OpenOffice (which is very much the same as MS Office) and Firefox, plus ANYONE can use it for working on documents and Surfing the Net without getting worried of virus infections, and nobody complaining “ANG BAGAL!!!”

    I’m a computer technician (hardware and software), and I still recommend WINDOWS to my customers.
    REASON: If I recommended them to buy a Mac, wala na akong ire-repair na sirang computer, wala nang ire-reformat, wala nang kaialngan ng upgrade, at mawawalan na din ako ng trabaho!!!

  43. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    IMO Windows for gaming & compatiblity, GNU/Linux for everything else.

    other than that this is a good reference how each OS measures against each other

  44. JP says:

    Err… analogy, you say?

  45. RIv10 says:

    Whatever happened to MAC sexy form???i think you chose the wrong analogy should be MAC for angelina jolie…sexy, glamour, HOT.. to, say,marion jones..the, powerful, well..ok..a bit pretty..
    Switced my good ol laptop to mac…will never look back!:p

  46. RIv10 says:

    they’re both just working perfectly..but on different user. plus, a lot of laptop pc are copying mac physical form..

  47. Karl Mac says:

    They are both PERSONAL COMPUTERS! Perhaps you need to clarify that it is Windows vs. OSX. You can install windows or even linux on a mac. OSX is unix. WIndows appeared in the 80s, unix is here since the 70s, linux is a unix clone from the 90s.

  48. Cisco says:

    For a long time I was a window user till I switched to mac a year ago. Mac boots faster and mine has no crushes yet. My present window computer takes forever to boot.

  49. d00dz says:

    Was a longtime user of Windows (every version from Windows 3.1 up to Windows 7). I bought one of the new Macbook Pros a few months ago and I’m a convert.

    Bootcamp and you have the best of both worlds.

  50. Epstein says:

    I would want a Mac too but it’s very expensive. mainly the reason why there are more PC users than Mac users.

    I bet a lot of PC users want to try a Mac too, they just don’t have the money to spend for it.

  51. Wakocoke says:

    people love to pay apple taxes :)

    kung cost-performance ratio ang titingnan, PC FTW!

    niche lang market lang ang mac. ang target users nito eh ung mga conio sa starbucks hahahaha :P

  52. tech support says:

    PC-User: “How do I shut off my PC”.
    Tech Support: “Click the Start Button…”
    Pc-User: “No, I don’t want to start up my PC, it’s already started. I want to shut it down!”.
    Tech Support: “Yes sir, go to the Start Button…”

  53. manny says:

    i personally keep both Windows and Mac systems, and use depending on tasks required.

    i adore both the 27in iMac, and the 23inch Acer touchscreen. both have pros and cons, just optimize what either are good at.

    its like choosing between a benz and a bmw, it still boils down to personal choice.

    so if you like one, you dont have to bitch about the other.

  54. mr. bogus says:

    may different opinion tayo about dyan..

    but the point is kung saan mo ba gagamitin yung computer mo mapa mac man yan o pc.. kahit cellphone, tablet pc, laptop, o music player man yan

    it depends on your lifestyle kung anong klase ang iyong pipiliin

    wala yan sa presyo, sa dami ng applications o sa size

  55. Joshua M says:

    @mr Bogus – korek ka dyan!

  56. Mac vs PC says:

    Mac or PC… pareho lang yan galing China lahat yan

    nakakita naba kayo ng Mac na Made in Cupertino? wala!

    overprice ba yung mac eh bakit yung sony mas mahal pa sa mac hindi naman sila naka aluminum unibody or backlit keyboard sa laptop

    mac = maganda…hindi na kelangan i customized
    pCs = panget.. kelangan pang i customized

    pCs = madaming viruses at sakit sa ulo (BSOD)
    mac = meron din hintay lang wala pa eh

    mac = mahal…mahal mamahalin mo talaga (gastos eh)
    pCs = mura…mumurahin mo (mura naman parts eh)

    mas marami akong nakikita na naka PC laptop sa Starbucks at sa mga WIFI places keysa naka Mac pero sa mga creative or ad agency company (McCann, Ogylvy, Leo Burnett, BBDO etc) majority halos eh naka mac (imac) at macbook, may workplaces sa gma 7 at abs na naka Mac lahat, sa mga TV shows, movie (twilight, sex in the city 1, the proposal) halos lahat mac ginamet pati si Michael Bay gumamet na ng iPad sa Transformer 3…andame na naka Mac pero PC pa rin ang may mas malawak na market share

    Mac vs PC rivalry parang

    GMA vs ABS
    TV5 vs RPN 9 SolarTV
    Eat Bulaga vs Wowowee Win na Win (Fail)
    Sony vs Samsung
    Nikon vs Canon
    Google vs Yahoo vs Bing :)
    Harry Potter vs Twilight
    Boston vs Lakers
    DLSU vs ADMU


  57. bench says:

    nice one…now with windows 7 i am happy with my unit hp dm3…maybe tsaka nko magtry ng mac..

  58. em zarate says:

    been using windows since 98. i dont know why everyone keeps saying windows crashes alot. maybe its because of all the shity programs users try to use in it. well macs dont have it because of their proprietary software but it has its trade off.

    and price? mac’s expensive? uhmm. NO, have you actually seen how much branded desktops cost, and even for laptops. prices are almost the same.

  59. RaGe Einzeln says:

    @JunAlquis = Like!
    @Mac vs PC = Like!

    i’m thinking kung walang affordable computer ngayon like PC…at ganun kamahal ang isang Mac, hindi magiging priority ngayon ng isang tao yan…siguro marami pa rin ang hindi marunong mag-operate ng computer…

    naisip lang naman…since MS-DOS kasi self study lang affordable kasi…siguro pwede rin sa Mac pero di rin masyado…di kaya ng budget…magsasaka lang ako :) hehe

  60. stierz says:

    it seems that this is a partial contrast between the two…

  61. cortez says:

    MAC VS PC.. is not WINDOWS vs MAC OS

    So clearly, when MACs are compared to PCs, everything boils down to the price. People can buy laptops and branded desktops equivalent or even better than MACs with half the price. With build quality, sa casing lang naman sila nagkakaiba. Parehas lang naman yung mga electronics mo sa loob.

    On the OS wars, we can always have both. Although I have experienced a lot of BSODs on WINDOWS (yet so far hindi pa sa Windows 7), getting that SBBOD (Spinning Beach Ball of Death) on Snow Leopard is equally annoying.

  62. MacDo says:

    Mac all the way!


    It just works!

  63. Kinny says:

    I am a Sony Vaio PC user and love the flashy motorcycle counterpart. Pero…Sana naman golf cart man lang yung MAC.

  64. Kinny says:


    I love your analogy!!! LOL!!!

  65. joal says:

    i love mac.

    aside from:
    -stable OS
    -constant free updates
    -preloaded with almost everything you need!

    just try it… im pretty sure you’ll switch.

  66. Mac vs PC says:

    CNN is an Apple iFan, using Macbook Pro and iPad combo -seen on these video :D

  67. richard says:

    If your using PhotoShop or involve in graphics design \ logo go for Mac.

    PC compatibles using windows 7 is great.

  68. Wakocoke says:

    why buy a mac that can only do 1/10 of windows/PC? :D

  69. vhortex says:

    When I first use a Mac, I am not getting 1/10 of what PC can do but I am getting features that PC can’t do.

    For desktop, I will just pickup the monitor, mine got a handle and the motherboard and everything is attached below that. I can even take it home and then report to office and attached that to 3 machines from color separation, video trans coder and backup systems (restore and backup windows machines).

    When I need the power of windows I will just install it on bootcamp.

    OS war, Windows can run on Mac together with Mac OS while Mac on PC… Well lets face the truth… windows will try to destroy Mac OS partition and boot section just the way it happen when you install Linux and Windows.

    I also have no problem to run most windows software on Mac but it is hard to run even java jar files on windows without issues.

  70. Manny says:

    @ vhortex, forget it man, i dont think the pc/windows guys would accept peace with apple fanbois. Besides, i dont think mac/iphone owners would really like everybody switching to mac.

  71. pogiboy says:

    what do you mean by mac and pc? technically, mac is also a x86/x64 machine! no difference from other pcs out there. if you mean the os – its mac os x vs ms windows vs linux vs bsd vs solaris vs [insert other os that can run on x86/x64 platform here].

  72. anotherpogiboy says:

    Apple since 2006, have shipped their mobile and desktop units using the much maligned Intel processor. The title of this blog should be changed to PC vs. PC.


    All Mac fanboys/girls out there… welcome to the PC users club and pedestrian computing!!! (hugs and kisses)

  73. Jeric says:

    Gamer by heart so I’m definitely a PC.

  74. vhortex says:

    chip side = both x86/x64
    functionality = mac is better

    popularity = windows is widely known by a shady binding contract

    user base = windows win, it is hard to teach lazy dogs new tricks :D

    i am neither a windows fan nor a mac fan.. just plainly telling the truth. most people will be so lazy to learn new things and even way lazy or scared to try something out of his comfort zone. that is the reason why we mostly retain the ever first products we have used and afraid to try the other things even if they can be better or cheaper.

    windows is only great for games but not reliable on everything else.

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