Samsung Galaxy Tab Gingerbread 2.3 Update

So it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is also getting the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update as well. The update came along with the one for Galaxy S which we reported last week, according to several readers who left comments.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

According to a reader, the update comes via Samsung Kies and took about 50 minutes to 1:20 minutes of installation time.

If you have the Galaxy Tab and already upgraded to Gingerbread, please share with us your experience.

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69 Responses

  1. Avatar for ed cruz ed cruz says:

    I have manage to upgrade to 2.3.3 gingerbread. Work fine. Pero my last few days nagkaroon ng problem sa external sd card. Di na niya mabasa. Suggest to complete all the task before shut down. Lalo na na parang nag hang ang tab

  2. Avatar for hannah hannah says:

    magkano na po ba ang samsung galaxy tab 16gb with 3g sa samsung shops? was planning to buy the ipad pero mas gs2 kna toh.. info about the price.. thank you. ayoko kasi bumili sa gh eh..

  3. Avatar for wired032 wired032 says:

    hi im new here..i need your help..kakaupdate ko lng ng galaxy tab ko using kies, pero froyo2.2 parin after the update nag iba lang itsura and nagkaroon ng social hub…after reconnecting my galaxy tab on kies, sabi i have the latest firmware already. what should i do to get gingerbread latest firmware version – PDA:JMK PHONE:JMA CSC:JM6(VIM) thanks

  4. Avatar for voyageR-3 voyageR-3 says:

    after the upgrade via Kies, the problem with the camera was fixed. some icons were changed (battery, etc.), some apps added (calculator, etc.), general change in UI color.


    1. gyro-sensor not working, went haywire until now
    2. orientation change takes too long
    3. battery still charges abnormally (almost the same before the upgrade — sometimes turns off even when there is still 50% charge.

    can i try to re-install? how is this done from kies?

    • Avatar for ram ram says:

      I expirience same problem here about the tab turns off by itself even there is still more than 50%battery. Can someone help us with this, thanks. Here is my email add rame****@****.***

    • Avatar for raymund raymund says:

      after the upgrade same here, gyro not working…pls email us for probable solutions,,, my email add is reformado****@****.***

    • Avatar for voyager-3 voyager-3 says:

      i just had a battery replacement for my galaxy tab. i have some concerns I have detailed here http://www.voyager-3.blogspot.com/2011/12/samsung-galaxy-tab-battery-problems.html and I wonder how many of you encountered the same problems? At least two of my friends already have the same problems and I encouraged them to be aware of a battery replacement that they need to pay for.

      How do you guys charge your galaxy tabs?

  5. Avatar for REMF REMF says:

    hi i have the same problem too. but i found a solution. (Singapore Galaxy Tab owners – no need to go to service center)

    1 first back up (very important)

    2 check your region using *#272*IMEI# (mine is XSP Singapore)

    3 then i change it to XTC (Philippines)

    4 it will make factory reset

    5 update you kies

    6 plug it and ready to upgrade

    7 after the upgrade you can return it back to the previous region (no. 2) (optional)

    8 restore back up

    9 download all your previous apps.

    then enjoy……….

    • Avatar for REMF REMF says:

      this instruction will only be use to all who experiencing “the version of the device cannot be updated” on kies

    • Avatar for REMF REMF says:

      Everything works fine for me. i haven’t encounter any problem after the updates. im very very satisfied on what i have experimented. battery goes longer, transition is perfect. apps are great.

      i would recommend that you use my instruction. (onlt for those who experiencing “the version of the device cannot be updated” on kies)

  6. Avatar for migz migz says:

    I tried to update the GT-P1000 a few days ago using Kies and it got soft bricked. So I went to Samsung Service to have it fix. The technician told me never to do it on kies next time. Just it bring to them for updates.

    Also, it seems that even if the tab is showing the PC-Error-Device screen as long as Odin can see it then you can flash it.

  7. Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

    My Kies keeps saying “This device cannot be updated.” :( I didn’t root my device. What’s up? Is this already available for all GT units in the Philippines?

  8. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    Help! I cant update my tab, every time i try to upgrade it it always loses the connection to Kies! i can back up the data before the upgrade but for the upgrade itself it always loses the connection. I’ve already tried resetting the tab but I am still getting the same message. Please help! thanks!

    • Avatar for jun jun says:

      did you update your kies? if not go to help & check for update disconnect your TAB first.next disable your PC firewall & all your running program. next go to settings in to your Galaxy TAB select wireless & network then USB settings select mass storage.after you update your kies reboot your pc. open your kies & connect your samsung galaxy tab there should be a pop-up message appear “there is a new version would you like to update” clik update & follow instruction . hope this can help

  9. Avatar for Jun Jalalon Jun Jalalon says:

    just updated my GTP1000 works great all apps are much more faster than previous version.
    thanks samsung for the update :D

  10. Avatar for MarcelMan MarcelMan says:

    Hi every one,

    KIES keeps telling me I have the latest update of the firmware… but I’m still with the original Froyo 2.2.
    How can I force the upgrade ?
    I bought my Tab in Thailand and I am in Indonesia now, so I would guess I have an “Asian” model.


  11. Avatar for casimiro casimiro says:

    can’t update my galaxy tab because of this msg:
    “failed to acquire premission from the gt-p1000 administrator. the program will close.”

    can someone pls help me?? thanks

  12. Avatar for Kamote Kamote says:


    Ung Gingerbread update kasama ba Galaxy Tab WIFI P1010 or 3G lang?

    Nagupdate ako using samsung kies pero hindi pa fin Gingerbread..

    Need help here! Thanks

  13. Avatar for maki maki says:

    any news on the gingerbread update for the htc desire? I’ve heard meron na sa Europe but haven’t confirmed if meron na sa Asia, specifically here in the Philippines.. Thanks!

    • Avatar for Gadhou Gadhou says:

      Htc desire lng b or desire hd? Kung desire po walang official gingerbread n irerelease ang htc. You’ll need to resort to ported na gingerbread.

    • Avatar for Maki Maki says:

      thanks! but now i heard that they are going to push thru with the update for the desire.. i think they are going to work around the problem.. is this really going happen?

  14. Avatar for ram ram says:

    Namamatay ba ang galaxy tab nyo pag nag-take ng picture with camera flash kapag 25% na lang ang battery? Napansin ko lang kasi pag walang camera flash, ok naman, pero pag may camera flash, namamatay ang galaxy tab. Please give me any response. Thanks.

  15. Avatar for Aaron Aaron says:

    Almost too good but can manage i just found new cool updates and some icon bug update but not in performance so here it is:

    Music when in view mode of the Album Picture if you press the 3 Lines at the upper right area it will turn into the play list but not the default one it will over lap the image and transparent the list on it. – Cool

    When Music plays on Background when going to the notification area you will see the music playing and you can play pause forward or rewind so much easier to change music no need to exit the current app for example Doing Browser dont like the music do pull down the notification bar then change it. Much more easier for me.

    Typing i really dont know if this is a update but on the last time i never notice that when you type a letter will pop up and really cool even pressing backspace or go or send just really cool. – if this happen on the Old Froyo never mind this.

    Camera Problem for some reason my of Froyo Firmware get a wired problem when i play to much video and use camera i cant see the image but some bits of image of the last picture now for dont get that error so yey Gingerbread.

    Now Icon Bugs. bit disappointing of when not in landscape mode you get cool Icons on Battery, Signal, and Even the Digital clock its like enhance Icons but when you play a video or music the battery and the time get back to the old Blue and Bold Style Digital clock sometimes its ok but i notice it now so bad SOB SOB. For now that is the icon i notice wish there’s no more else.

    Finally i just update my Flash to 10.3 and playing flash video in anime site becomes more faster and smoother. SUPER NICE.

  16. Avatar for Michael Ocana Michael Ocana says:

    Way better than froyo… thanks Samsung for the support. Hope that this update is also available in the Wifi version..

  17. Avatar for Huy Huy says:

    Memo did not work any more

  18. Avatar for diyords diyords says:

    got an auto update from froyo to gingerbread… (but not on a samsung unit)…

    Aside from faster and more efficient, the camera focus gets faster as well. :)

  19. Avatar for Angelo Angelo says:

    Updated my SGT to Gingerbread using ODIN and the Italian ROM. Its very good. But now that I want the official one for Philippines, I get the message “This version of the device cannot be updated”. Flashed back to Froyo DXKM2 but still get the message from Kies. Anyone have a solution? Thanks

    • Avatar for gadhou gadhou says:

      i suggest uninstall kies, then reinstall. update kies and see if it’ll allow you to update it.

  20. Avatar for Prinz Prinz says:

    I’d recommend using Kies pa rin to update. I tried flashing the rom via Odin and I encountered E driver errors and a problem setting the CSC to XTC (Philippine firmware).

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