Samsung Series 7 Slate goes on pre-order at $1099

Samsung Series 7 Slate goes on pre-order at $1099

The Windows 7 Slate from Samsung is now up for pre-order over at Amazon with a starting price of $1,099. It’s half an inch thick with an 11.6″ display, weighs 2lbs and runs an Intel Core i5 processor.

This is probably one of the most powerful tablets out there (the Asus Eee PC Slate EP121 is also priced at $1,099) and also among the most expensive.


Samsung Series 7 Slate
Intel Core i5 2467M 1.6GHz dual-core
Intel HD Graphics 3000
Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Windows 7 Home Premium

With a starting price of $1,099, I don’t think any regular consumer would consider getting one of these. Probably for enterprise use or a niche market. That’s just the entry-level model — there’s the $1399 for the 128GB SSD too.

If this is the future of Windows 8 tablets, I don’t think it will be any successful.

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20 Responses

  1. valence says:

    Pls check before posting

    “I don’t think it will successful.”

    • steelicon says:

      Oh wow, hehehe! You got a point there, though I don’t blame the guy for having so many thoughts all at the same time. He missed the “be” part of his thought, hehehe! ;-)

    • berto says:

      Yung iba nmn..parng nagpupunta lang d2 sa site para manita ng grammar.

      kahit nmn may mali sa grammar maiintindihan parin nmn natin db?

      o mahina lang utak nung


    • stag says:

      actually berto, mukhang ikaw ang bitter.. just because naintindihan pa rin you will settle for something sub-par? kung ganun ka where is the pride in your work? pano ka uunlad kung hindi ka tumatanggap ng criticism and then work to better yourself. Kung hindi ka makatanggap ng tulong, hindi lang mahina ang utak mo, mababa pa ang ego mo.. it takes a bigger man to admit mistakes and correct them than to lash out in defense of a mistake.. inayos nga ni abe eh.. so he fixed it, made it better.. pero ikaw.. defensive.. sad.. pathetic

    • berto says:

      defensive.. sad.. pathetic? sa paanalita mo parang ikaw lahat yun ahh.

      natural lang na ayusin ni sir nya to eh.
      kung ako man yon, aausin ko, ma-offend man or hindi.

      ang punto ko lang e.the way na punahin o criticize yung error.
      Marami-rami narin akong nabasang comments dito, at yung iba nasasabi nmn nila ng maayos ang pagpuna nila kung gugustuhin lang. : )

  2. Shamashu says:

    Too pricey for a tablet, I’d rather buy a good Notebook PC for that price. As for the future of Windows 8 tablets, tingin ko naman magkakaroon ng mga affordable models when the new OS is released.Let’s Wait & see na lang.

  3. Too expensive! But I like the fact that it runs on Windows 7. If it gets cheaper like $400 I might consider buying it.

  4. Iyan Sommerset says:

    While I see this as something way too expensive for consumers, I can see how enterprise users would want to use tablets with screens this large. Maybe for corporate stuff or manufacturing or diagnostics or something.

  5. dan says:

    too expensive?? do you people know the price of i5 processor an SSD drive and how powerful intel 3000hd is? i5 an intel quad core which could do tons of real multi tasking.. i’m sure kahit gawin mo pang 8 core ang proc ng tab, ipad, iconia, transfomer ndi pa rin uubra kahit sa pentium 4. SSD is said to be 100x faster than your fastest HDD.. Intel HD 3000 is comparable sa low end gaming graphic card like 8500gt which is capable of graphic hungry games ex MW1 or nba 2k11.. yes i think it’s fairly priced because you could photo/video edit in this tablet probably

  6. the i5 mentioned here is not a quad core, it’s only a dual core. the intel hd graphics 3000 is clocked at 350MHz, so compared to the other hd graphics 3000 which is usually clocked at 650MHz, the performance should be noticeable lower.

  7. Jim says:

    I agree, I don’t think it will succeed… considering the hefty price, and most importantly, the OS that will be running it. Windows 7 is not optimized for tablets.

    We gotta wait til Windows 8 arrives (which will be next year), avoiding additional expenses in paying for upgrades.

  8. Jay Castillo says:

    this tablet might work to some business oriented people, coz it is really compact indeed and with it’s fair hardware, but for a student like me, i might buy a good laptop for myself instead of that machine. just my opinion.

  9. Edwin C says:

    Lower the price, uy! Sobra naman kayo.

  10. nameless says:

    Yeah, At least we have a foretaste of what to expect with windows 8! Looks good, but the price is a bit disappointing.

  11. Too big, it’s almost a laptop!

  12. Keep in mind that this has a WACOM Digitizer, add to that the fact that it’s has the specs full laptop, I’d say that this is just priced fairly.

    Personally, I can’t wait to buy my own. I heard they gave these away at Microsoft’s BUILD conference using the Developer version of Windows 8, and a lot of people are liking it.

  13. Buddy says:

    Tama lang siguro yan, halos kaprice lang ng laptop na ganyan din ang specs eh, Powerful yan, may wacom pointer pa, it Fair. it’s not pang porma lang, for business man, at developers din. tamang tama 11.1 screen.

    • slater says:

      got mine now sarap gamitin win 7, i disposed all my android and ipad gadget, its a tablet pc, ask me its worth the price, 9227703250

  14. Andie says:

    Specs are pretty awesome! Pero ok na din lower and specs as long as it can handle Windows 7

    Any alternative na available na sa Philippines?

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