Sony announces S1, S2 Android 3.0 tablets

Sony announces S1, S2 Android 3.0 tablets

Not a surprise but might be a little late — Sony has just announced they’re also playing the Android tablet market. And it’s not just one but two Android Honeycomb too.

The Sony S1 is a 9.4-inch tablet while the Sony S2 has a dual 5.5-inch screen).


The announcement was made in Japan today with the tablets powered by Tegra 2 SoC {source}. More on this as we get the complete details

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35 Responses

  1. csseyah says:

    sana marelease yan dito sa Pinas na cheaper ang price.

  2. Paul says:

    > P.S. While the company isn’t ready to talk
    > prices yet, our sources told us back in
    > February that Sony was considering a $599 MSRP
    > on the S1 while the S2 would likely come in
    > at $699.

    Yikes. That means it’ll come around 25k-30k… about the same as Sony’s Vaio Y netbook which has AMD Fusion.

    As long as they price them this way, once again a netbook would provide a better deal for lightweight computing than these tablets.

    • leeto says:

      I agree with you, i would rather buy a laptop or netbook because it has more functions and will remain new for a longer period of time. your new tablet now will be obsolete in a matter of months because of newer versions coming out in the market. i would rather use my money wisely. I still dont see the urgency for me to have tablets since its mostly use for checking emails, which can wait till I am infront of my desktop or laptop. I observed that most tablet users use it to flaunt it on the streets and anywhere, bahala na gutom basta meron lang maipagyabang. Filipino nga naman.

    • joom says:


    • jm says:

      it depends on our own preference

      you might get a laptop instead of tablet, but others might get a tablet instead of laptop/netbook

      tablet is the 2nd generation smart phone, you cannot compare the phone to a netbook/laptop

    • Benchmark says:

      Hmmm in my opinion, I don’t agree that tablets are 2nd generation smart phone. One cannot call it a phone if you can’t use it as real phone right? Wag lang pilosopo sana na bakit may skype or yahoo messenger…it is a different thing.

      So I think it is right to compare it to laptops/netbooks. Probably it can be called second generation netbooks ang tablets.

      …just my opinion. :-)

    • carlo says:

      ung galaxy tab na may sim can use as a phone i think, so i guess its a 2nd gen smartphone … (peace)

    • Benchmark says:

      Do you hold the Samsung Tab the way you hold a phone when you make a call?

      Perhaps it’s one of the fine lines of being a Tablet PC and being a phone.

      Probably due to its size which is somewhat being confused as a phone and a tablet pc…am not sure…

      …this is a free country, anyone has its own opinion. hehehehe :-)

    • Marian Rivera says:

      Can’t be a 2nd-gen smartphone, can’t be a 100% portable computer. Then tablets are interbred species of the two. ;)

    • jm says:

      when you hold the netbook do you hold it the same way you hold a tablet? when you laid your netbook on the table will you also lay the tablet the same way as do you in netbook? tignan mo nalang kase similarity at differences ng dalawa, tablet can be recognized as smart phone pero as latest gen netbook imposible dahil ang layo.

      Tablet with phone functionality

      Galaxy tab
      Dell Streak 5
      Huawei 7
      Acer Aconia Tab
      HTC Flyer
      Dell Streak 7

    • troll says:

      problem, bro?

    • kristine says:

      My opinion tablet is very useful esp. kung mahilig ka magbasa .. ang hirap naman kung gagamitin mo laptop dba?

    • Rommel A. says:

      I would like to buy a tablet soon but I realized that these touchscreen gadgets are still in infancy stage (limited features)compared to laptops and netbooks.Still happy to use my 3 yr old laptop which is ancient for today’s tech age.

  3. jm says:

    this is the real Tablet!!! sexy, powerful and its SONY one of the worlds most trusted brand/company. It looks like Sony left Sony Ericsson Xperia brand name for a tablet same as the Vaio Brand.

    In my opinion this is the real iPad2 killer and people will buy it instead of iPad2 when Sony released it sooner at reasonable price. (20k-25k for s1) (25k-30k for s2)

    • santa_claus says:

      “and its SONY one of the worlds most trusted brand/company”

      Really? I haven’t bought Sony for about 4 years because I don’t trust it anymore; Video cam dead after 3 months, DVD drives, dead within a shorter period, lack of support for relatively new TV’s. SOny is now nothing more than a hyped up, too late to market and needlessly EXPENSIVE load of rubbish nowadays. The company is struggling.

    • santa_claus says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention here great phone product EXPERIA; LMAO. that sums up Sony nowadays.

    • jm says:

      i trusted sony because

      i have LCD Bravia TV for 2 years
      i have Sony Home Theater compatible for my bravia for 2 years
      i have Sony Vaio E and X series for 1 years
      i have Sony Walkman X series for 2 years
      i have Sony Component with kiks for 1 1/2 years
      i have sony erisson p990, p1, w950, w980 and the latest xperia arc

      hindi ako fan ng Sony pero i bought sony products because of the quality and assurance for lifetime use. Lahat ng Sony items ko working good parin except sa Sony Ericsson, pero the xperia arc is perfect phone for me.

    • lolipown says:

      Just a nitpick, Sony and Sony Ericsson are two different entities.

  4. Winziph says:

    One thing I don’t like with SONY eh ang mahal ng price nila.

  5. grace says:

    sweet gadget! any android product is a great product! these probably are better than the HTC Flyer!

  6. Wakocoke says:

    aanhin pa yang sony tablet kung may ASUS Transformer naman! IPS panel pa! with keyboard dock, extended to 16hours battery life sa halagang $550 lang! ($400 tablet + $150 keyboard dock)

  7. Benchmark says:

    It looks like Nintendo DS…

    Hmmm I think the reason why people like Apple, it’s because of the software…

    Probably if someone (the company) could produce a better OS compared to iOS and android (also lets include Windows), that is really built for tablet pc…that can be the killer tablet of all. But then again, it is not easy to invest on an exclusive OS for tablet.

    By the way, Yuga, do you have a chance to review an Adam?

    • marco says:

      People want apple products because they represent luxury. They use top notch quality control because they are demanding high prices in return. Paying high prices can sometimes make the user trust the product. It’s the same idea that relates to fashion brands. Expensive is quality. Some publicity doesn’t hurt too. Turn on the television and it’s likely that an apple product is unintentionally being advertised by celebrities. The apple brand is just too strong. Not that i’m saying sony doesn’t want the same thing. However, not everywant needs the same thing. Some just want to earn some profit. They exists for the part of the population that can’t afford, or too practical to afford to buy an expensive product.

    • Wakocoke says:

      iOS, it just works. Unlike Android (or WIndows) na pwede mong i-tweak to your preferences. Saka open platform yun, you can develop your own software.

  8. nameless says:

    mga trying hard magpapogi gamit ang gadgets! how pathetic… napaglalaruan lang kayo ng mga businessmen within big electronics industry.

    • Wakocoke says:

      tell that to iSheeps

      they will disagree hahaha

    • nameless says:

      haha. exactly. mga isheeps. pero pinipilit i-jailbreak mga gadgets nila.. or hindi alam gamitin yung buong capabilities. hahaha. mga hunghang lang.

  9. having worked at Sony for 5years, i remember one executive who says “if we build it, people buy it.” that’s the reason why they price items albeit randomly insane.

  10. Fantazma says:

    hmmm…dito sa tablets na ito magsisimula ang pagrelease ng PS2 games sa android…..its playstation certified and is equipped w/ tegra 2…and nvidia said that they will offer PS2 games in their Tegra Zone …Imagine playing Gran Turismo 4 in this tablets..that would be awesome..PS2 Games will surely kill iOS games!

  11. razec says:

    Seems like people forgot that S1 and S2 are Playstation Certified devices which mean we can get both PS Suite + Android Games. I think S2 is perfect for a gaming device it features virtual PS controllers. and as always Sony even though late(for some people) does not show any signs of being “me too” when they made these babies. Samsung is the king of copying iPad afterall.

    • razec says:

      I also forgot that S1 has IR port which can transform this into a powerful remote!

  12. Edwin C says:

    Ah, basta, ito ng sa akin! Dami n’yo pang satsat!

  13. charmaine says:

    kelan ba ito irerelease? anung date?

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