The New PC at Warehouse 13

The New PC at Warehouse 13

Watched the episode 5 of the Warehouse 13 TV series the other night where they had characters from Eureka crossing over to the show. In this episode, they had the computer running the Warehouse upgraded to a newer machine.

Got a glimpse of the upgrade and this is what I saw:

TTD Proto CPU 4500MHz (4.5GHz)
43.4GB RAM
2,000 Petabytes HDD (4 x 500 Petabytes)


All that archiving they do on the Warehouse must require bazillions of storage — thus the four 500-petabyte hard drive they’re using here.

While the CPU speed is something not surprising these days, the 500 petabyte HDD surely catches attention. To those not familiar, 1 petabyte is 1,000 terabyte so that single HDD has a storage capacity of 500,000TB.

Warehouse 13 is a science fiction TV show on Syfy that chronicles two US Secret Service agents guarding Warehouse 13 which houses supernatural “artifacts”.

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32 Responses

  1. Lezuric says:

    That was WOW! I really thought it was for real.. hahah

  2. Winziph says:

    grabe super laki, hindi kaya macorrupt yan.

  3. joeyoliver says:

    Sir, isn’t 1 petabye = 1000 TERABYTE?
    and 1 TERABYTE = 1000 GB
    Therefore 1 petabyte = 1 million GIGABYTE?

    500 PETABYTE Then is half a billion GB. WOW!!!

  4. KanoPee says:

    @abeolandres D po ba 1000GB = 1TB and 1000TB = 1PB?

  5. Jhay says:

    I wonder how long it would take to reformat or defrag such a hard drive. :D

  6. gringo says:

    my 4.5GHz pc na ba ngaun na fuctional?… kala ko tlaga my bago..syfy pla… waaaaah

    anyways nice heads up sana ma conceptualize yan.. soon!

  7. Wakocoke says:

    ay sucker, HDD pa din sila! dapat SSD na

  8. yuga says:

    @joey – thanks for spotting that!

  9. manaka_junpei says:

    it’s just a fictional story, but it will happened when the time comes when Intel or AMD invent a 4.5Ghz multi-core processor, when Kingston invent a new Double Data Rate memory maliban sa DDR, DDR2 at DDR3, at when Seagate or Western Digital invent a new HDD with larger capacity at a new SATA Port maybe SATA 3 or what, makakaimbento na yang mga ito kapag 10~20 years after kung buhay pa tayo sa panahong ito

  10. JP says:

    hahaha. HDD ung boot drive? wapak!

  11. Teknisyan says:

    Woah… that hard drive is a digital hoarder’s dream coming true!!!!

    kahit 1 penta lang… pwede na!!!

  12. rotero says:

    galing!!! now ko lang narinig na may Petabytes na, nowadays ok n ok na ang 1Tera, but 1Peta!! wow galing talaga!

  13. android_fanboi says:

    @abe – do you watch Fringe? :)

  14. yuga says:

    @nadroid_fanboi – yup, new fave.

  15. Pusang Kulog says:

    Looks like the total storage capacity is actually 4,000 petabytes (including the supplementary drives)

    The day will come… And I hope its soon…

  16. Fleeb says:

    Baka naka RAID lang tapos naka OC yung CPU? Hehehe.

  17. android_fanboi says:

    @abe >> nice! cant wait for season 3 >> coming in september na.. lapit na wooohoooo

  18. roiji says:

    can we also realize that the processor is a bit weak..
    as in 30Mhz only.. LOL
    Only that it has 150 processors, hence (150×30.0) = 4,500Mhz
    World of Warcraft servers has more.. 74,850 more..

    1,000 petabytes are 1 exabyte

    Google can process these in 100 days!! O.o

    And 2 Exabytes are worth…
    400 Million four-drawer cabinets filled with text
    26,600 years of HD-TV Video
    Entire written works of mankind from the beginning of written history in ALL Languages written 50 times.

    We can expect these hard drives to hit the store in our life time.. don’t worry :)

  19. Kinny says:

    I love warehouse 13! The fact that they pay attention to details like that even for props sake is major plus points!

  20. eripples says:

    Peta-ng in*! ang laki! 1 peta wow! want to know how big 1 petabyte is? take a look at this (promise, hindi to spam)

  21. nixon says:

    I used to handle servers with 80+GB ram but that petabyte HD’s is a real wow! Nice one warehouse13

  22. bryanfer says:

    uhm hello po :)

    yung 150 X 30 po is FSB times the Multiplier ng motherboard :) hindi po CORE count times 15 :)

    napansin ko rin na may primary at secondary ang storage. ibig sabihin IDE lang gamit nila hindi SATA hehe, medyo kulang ang research ng researcher nila hehe :) anyways nice stat parin ah :)

    mapanood nga rin ang series na ito :)

    pls visit my site :)

  23. PopTheCorn says:

    They could be using Raid-5 so they’re only actually using 500 petabytes. :)

  24. EricBangug says:

    note that they still have another set of 4 500petabytes on their supplementary drives list (below the screenshot)

  25. judy says:

    Wow Super laki, akala ko tutuo na. hehe , Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng tutuong ganyan?

  26. lawreas says:

    we already have one here in the PH under development. check this link to know more:

  27. James says:

    whoah!… 43.4GB RAM !!!! nakngteteng… “spits”less ako!!!

  28. ladikusz says:

    SI prefixes fail… on the screen 4500mHz , the m is lower-case… so it means milli (10^-3). The mega is upper-case M (10^6).

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