Canon EOS 1D Mark IV becomes official

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV becomes official

As expected, Canon’s newest professional camera gets announced before the end of the year (and probably the last model for the year) — Canon EOS 1D Mark IV.

It comes with all the usual bells and whistles with some improved specs.


16.1 MP sensor
45-point autofocus
ISO range: 100 – 12,800
Dual Digic 4 Processors
1080p HD video recording

Estimated price is $4,999 in the US but could swell beyond Php250,000 when it becomes official here in the Philippines. Will update this post once I get official word from Canon Philippines.

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22 Responses

  1. Darren says:

    kool !!!

  2. Cheftonio says:

    huwaw! *drools*

    I wonder what the packaged kit lens would be.. (not like it matters for the pros. Im not a pro so im just curious) :)

  3. bertsan531 says:

    whoa..250k for a camera hehehehe….

  4. aldrin says:

    i thought 75K for a camera is expensive enough… uh oh…

  5. Kotse na toh! ahaha Can someone explain what made this expensive?

  6. ^
    It’s a PRO-level camera… among other things.

  7. bertsan531 says:

    @reel advice
    ur car cant take pictures and videos this one can hehehe….but this cam is really expensive I also wonder why…

  8. pido says:

    what more kung hasselblad pa camera mo, mas mahal pe yun kesa ito

  9. kerov7 says:

    my diamond yata sa loob nito eh. ang lupet! mahal! hehe.

  10. Jhay says:

    Still, I’d get the new Nikon D3s. If I had the money though. :P

  11. cornflakes says:

    pag ako nanalo sa lotto, bibili ako ng 2. =D

  12. jdGONEMAD says:

    makabili nga ng 2 ganito. hehehehehe .. wish ko lang may pambili talaga.

  13. jaya says:

    Look at the olympics or other sport events. You’d see a barrage of white lenses. Between those lenses and their photographers are the older generations of this camera (1d Mark1-III). Canon managed to capture the sports photography segment because of its great telephoto lenses and cameras like this.

    Why is this camera line expensive?
    -It can double as a machine gun at 10FPS so you never have to worry bout that missed shot:

    -It’s autofocus is worlds apart from your traditional DSLRs.

    -Manny Pacquiao bought one:

  14. Nitecrawler says:

    Its Expensive because this Camera will earn enough money for you to buy not just one or two cars if you have the skill to use it.. :D

  15. Nitecrawler says:

    ..and people who buy this type of camera do not buy this with lens kit.. They usually have 4-10 professional lenses for it already from previous/older models.. and mind you.. if think the body is expensive.. wait till you finds out the cost of each professional grade lens..

  16. LeoLutero says:

    anybody there who knows about the Hasselblad camera. Their cheapest is about 1,000,000 pesos.

    If you are into photography, you must really prepare the money,

  17. Boffill says:

    A good combination for those expensive lenses to that would cost you around 400K. [email protected]

  18. Kenneth says:

    Grabe, here comes another baby. :-(

  19. tuknenards says:

    wow for the camera!
    wow for the price as well!

    only those certified photo professionals would buy this. as starters like us, settled na tayo for a Canon 500D – and this is gold na for us.

  20. jeff says:

    kung di ka naman pro at hilig mo lang kumuha ng photos… mas murang dslr na lang kunin mo.. :D

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