Poll: What's your laptop brand?

Poll: What’s your laptop brand?

I just ended the previous poll and it looks like AMD is still popular among desktop PC users. Our new poll is for those owning a laptop or notebook. Which brand of laptop are you using?

Our list only has about a dozen brands but there are actually more than 3 dozens of them out there.


– Apple
– Asus
– HP/Compaq
– Lenovo
– Deep Blue
– Neo
– Toshiba
– Fujitsu
– Sony
– Dell
– TwinHead

Please head o to the poll section and submit your votes. I made it possible to send in two votes for those who have a UMPC aside from their primary laptop.

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76 Responses

  1. Jeffrey says:

    IBM Thinkpad. Woot! No regrets!

  2. sa akin, neo lang… okay pa naman gang ngaun… =]

  3. chino says:

    you forgot Acer!

  4. Aisa says:

    I used to own an Acer, but now I use Toshiba. I went ahead and voted and I was surprised to see that I was the first one who voted for Toshiba (and 2nd for Acer). Hmm, them Toshiba users must be sleeping already.

  5. BrianB says:

    Dell is probably the most sulit laptop brand in the Philippines. I don’t know why no one mentions this. Go to the mall and just compare specs and prices. For 45k you can get a 1.6GHz, 2GB, inspiron 1420 with Vista included. For 87k you can get an xps m1330 with 2.4GHz and 3GB ram, NVIDIA and Vista Ultimate.

  6. jong says:

    i used to code with my toshiba but last year my father bought me a hp compaq presario notebook. So yeah, toshiba and HP..

  7. jhay says:

    HP/Compaq, well it’s my first one ever. :)

  8. dyun says:

    Pwede ba 3? :) IBM (for my work), Sony/Apple for personal :)

  9. Onyo says:

    Acer since 2002

  10. pepster says:

    3 – IBM Thinkpads(T61, x30, T40)

  11. tonex says:

    toshiba satellite

  12. vaughn says:

    hp-compaq 6510b for me, gf has msi (forgot model, the small pink one), sister has lenovo y410, dad has asus.

  13. directrix says:

    Dahil hindi ko pa kayang bumili ng disenteng laptop, isang modest na Acer Aspire 4710 lang ang sa akin.

  14. Joemelle says:

    acer (personal)
    hp (work)

  15. marion says:

    I own a Dell. Didn’t buy it here, though. Super duper cheaper talaga sa US compared dito. It’s not an XPS, but the graphics card is better than the GPU of the XPS being sold here. Wala pang XPS M1530 dito diba? Ung M1330 palang?

  16. patchuchay says:

    HP pavillion here….

  17. Jan Alvin says:

    Well, my father is using Toshiba. But for me the best is Apple.
    See my post about Microsoft In-Car Software.


  18. Manila says:

    Asus long lasting 5 years already.

  19. butch says:


  20. noelperlas says:

    Don’t call it Apple.. it’s a Mac baby yeah!

  21. Adrian says:

    macbook. apple the best

  22. Ryan says:

    Compaq Presario. One brand that I can trust.

  23. Shannelle says:

    Lenovo (office equipment)

  24. Joel says:

    i don’t have one…

  25. dEyv says:

    HP, my first laptop. :)

  26. dre says:

    Dell Inspiron

  27. Marckie says:

    Macbook white for me….

  28. Pavel says:

    Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro series, we don’t have just Fujitsu here (in Russia).

  29. I use Compaq Presario B1200

  30. LEONIDAS says:

    Asus and fujitsu..

  31. lazeeboy says:

    compaq presario… my first laptop ever.

  32. lulli says:

    Dell Inspiron. My very first. :D in love with it.

  33. DALAL says:

    mmmmmmmmmm , asus till now

  34. i’ve been using neo empriva it’s very affordable… i always bring it in my everyday travel, whenever i climb mountains, bus trips and boat trips… some say when u have neo you must be delicate in using it but this thing is quite tough. its affordable and serves the purpose…

  35. good day mr. yuga. I’ve seen you yesterday night on “Qtube”. gusto ko lang pong magtanung kung anung laptop ang maganda at affordable. di naman po kami ganun kayaman, at di din po kami ganun kahirap. :]

    meron po akong sariling website, pero ung nilagay ko po eh ung blogsite ko.

    tnx mr. yuga.:]

  36. mr. yuga, i-comment nio na lang po ung reply nio sakin, kasi di po ako madalas mag bukas ng yahoo mail:]

  37. Matt says:

    I own Asus dati – maganda ang quality and reliable.
    but now i use hp compaq v3000 – maganda specs but gives me a lot of trouble..

  38. mhon says:

    Lenovo S10 – handy for me that always on the go…
    lagi ko dala…

  39. Eduard says:

    toshiba here

  40. aneca says:

    i use dell inspiron now for month only!
    at the age of 17……
    maybe next month im gonna get apple….

  41. Nikola says:

    TOSHIBA!!! the best!

  42. jeffrey agbada says:

    i think Sony Vaio is the best choice in terms of power. but the price is kinda hard to beat.

  43. Nestor L. Anito says:

    Macbook pro is good for me. It comes with almost complete applets for my daily use. simple, fast and user friendly.even 2 gb of ddr3 is enough.

  44. lito says:

    asus Eee PC a very portable to carry where ever i go

  45. Sonn says:

    my first laptop was an Acer. But I’m happier with my Mac

  46. VinVin says:

    I’m a Luxury Pink Sony Vaio user/lover. Teehee! :)


  47. andy says:

    toshiba satellite

  48. Digital Passerby says:

    I prefer the Apple Macintosh hardware slightly more over its OS and software. I’m still surprised that the GNU+Linux and FreeBSD I installed on my Apple Mac hardware still works better than I expected.

  49. anonymous says:


  50. JingE says:

    MSI. Never let me down.

  51. zaldy says:

    for me Toshiba Satellite and Asus

  52. Ciriaco T. Daluddung says:

    I and my family use Toshiba Laptop.

  53. liza says:

    my laptop is dell inspiron 1545.after using it for 1 and a half years, the charger and the battery if kaput.. so now im gud as dead… cnt use the laptop coz orig accesories for these costs me 4thou for charger and 7thou for battery..please help

  54. jgec2556 says:

    For laptops; I use Lenovo Y450 for personnal-home use, I also have a Samsung QX410 for official company-use . I gave my son an Asus. So far failures have been because we tinker with settings, things like that. But We are satisfied with what we use/have. We are not so techky and have no common criteria to base our comparisons

  55. Janssen says:

    Apple Macbook Pro

  56. rico g says:

    Toshiba po..

  57. krissy says:

    toshiba.used for 11 years and still working fine

  58. rene says:

    My Dell Inspiron…

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