Poll: Which kind of laptop are you?

Poll: Which kind of laptop are you?

Now that the laptop market has been spread thinly with the introduction of netbooks and CULVs, it looks like the regular ones have been placed in the sidelines. Our next poll looks at what people prefer when buying a laptop.

We only have 3 big categories actually:


  • Netbook. This is the most popular category nowadays because of its affordability but it generally lacks the processing power.
  • CULV Notebooks. This recently created category for the thin and light segment offers better computing power yet still inherits almost the same battery performance of netbooks. Only issue is that they cost too much, almost twice the price of netbooks.
  • Regular Laptops. The 13″ to 17″ laptops that carry discreet graphics cards and sport dual core or quad core processors. These are mainly geared towards gamers and processor-intensive users that want a nice, big screen.

So, which one are you? If you own a laptop, which category does it fall among the 3 mentioned above?

I’ve added the poll on the side but you can leave a comment below. I think it’s all about the need and lifestyle but many people really look at the price points.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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75 Responses

  1. Calvin says:

    thin and light for me. Sony Vaio Z. Mmmmm.

  2. sylv3rblade says:

    CULV for me

  3. Netbook because Im poor.

  4. Pedro says:

    same as Biglaang Lakad…netbook because I’m poor but with upcoming CULV that are affordable…WISH…

  5. ZZz says:

    dell xps 13″ for me so i guess ill go with the ever reliable regular laptop

  6. Jervis says:

    Regular laptop, soon a macbook :-)

  7. Edgar says:

    I’d say regular laptops, but also have an on-going affair with the PC. Torn between two lovers, I am. haha!

  8. Greggy b0y says:

    HP dm3 rocks! CULV for me. You can forget about looking for and plugging in to an A/C socket when you’re out of the house. Great battery life. Porma notebook, brushed-metal construction.

  9. garuhhh says:

    i need mobility and processing power due to 3d renderings.. so, regular laptop here..

  10. Vic says:

    Have been using Lenovo X61T for about a year now… having the best of both worlds: notebook + tablet. Running on Windows 7 which make things so great!

  11. misterbvs says:

    for me it’s always been regular laptops. netbooks are too small for me.culv’s are too expensive. tama lang regular kahit mahal pwede naman pag-ipunan. :P

    by the way check nyo to.. megan fox in a hot motorola ad :)


  12. ianp says:

    hindi kasama yung regular laptop na 12″ lang? :) hehe. acer aspire 2930.

  13. thomasmmm says:

    reg. laptop – I’m more productive with a large screen (design, spreadsheets, PDFs) and regular-sized keyboard). i also wish laptops can be as easily built as desktops so users can customize specs to their computing requirements.

  14. bentong says:

    Thin and light HP dv-2 with discrete graphics…

  15. Bob says:

    If I would rank it up:

    PC (Gaming)
    Gaming Laptop (14″)
    Netbook – For Facebook on the go =D

  16. HackrDaD says:

    Acer 4920G for me (regular)… HP Mini for my wife (netbook)…

  17. Caes says:

    Small and light but packs a lot of power…
    I’m a Smartbook… Pang masa pa with the ARM option except ung Nokia smartbook na napakamahal. I think Nokia made a HUGE MISTAKE when they tried to hit the $ 499 price mark!

  18. jojo says:

    -regular laptop. but i still plans to buy an acer 1410 with intel celeron for mobility. my wife has a netbook(wind).

  19. rene says:

    i think their is a new segment out there, its a regular lap top 12″ to 14″ sporting intel dual core, dvd writer, 6 cell bats, all the works cost only without OS less than P30,000.00.

  20. Char says:

    if i have enough money i’ll choose CULV, i used to have a regular laptop but i switched to netbook for mobility.

  21. oliver says:

    regular laptop macbook pro 17 its more fun using this laptop great battery life + great processing power. although it’s too pricey but its a great thing for everyday use.

  22. Boo says:

    I’m already inlove with my MacBook pro and MacBook Pro 13. iPad na ang next!

  23. Jon says:

    Netbook. Currently using a Wind U210x. It’s portable, powerful for my needs, and cheap. CULVs are too overrated and expensive, IMO. Something like glorified netbooks.

  24. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    prefers a regular laptop.

    Netbook camps are quite split between;

    Intel Atom with GMA series/ or Pinetrails


    Intel Atom(or Via Nano) with NVidia ION or a radeon mobility with the latter having better performance for the sake of lesser operating time.

  25. jan says:

    regular laptop

  26. Agrimensor says:

    Still using my regular laptop for 3 years now.I just upgraded the memory to 3gig and processor to dual core.This used to be an Acer Aspire 5052 but now since its dual core I dont know what model this should be.

  27. Jam. says:

    Regular laptops :)

  28. Marc says:

    Like Jon, I’m also a u210x user. Is it a CULV or a Netbook? I have no idea. Before my current unit though I owned an Asus EEEPC 1000H… and realized that netbooks are not for me. Screen’s too small and the graphics are too weak for casual gaming. The u210x has hit the sweet spot for me in terms of price, features and battery life.

    Only problem is it’s bulky and I miss the Asus quality workmanship of the eee.

  29. MPonteres says:

    Power user needs power laptops like me

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  30. Nonoy says:

    Regular laptop ako, need it for gaming and image editing.

  31. Well, Pine Trail Netbooks still ultraportable, ultra-affordable but more processing power and longer battery life (very important), that’s why Netbook is the best category for me. IMO, it’s not a good idea to buy expensive stuff such as CULV Notebooks and Regular laptops these days because technology evolves and changes at a rapid pace. “Upgrading to something new in the future is difficult if you buy something expensive today”. So, I’ll go for NETBOOK.

  32. sky says:

    I just have a regular laptop. But I would like to have a netbook as well. I will be doing my thesis next school year so yeah… I NEED a netbook!

  33. Jon says:


    I think it’s a netbook, based on price but more like a CULV in terms of specs. ;)

    I’m guessing you also have the 9-cell battery? I don’t find it bulky though, but just a little bit heavy. Minus the huge battery, the U210x is very light. I wish the 6-cell battery was cheaper though.

  34. Marky says:

    Regular laptop, VAIO F and AW series to be specific :)

  35. mykee says:

    a regular laptop. I’m owning a 14.1 inch dell inspiron 1440 skyblue. Hehehe..

  36. Greg says:

    I’m a netbook user (Asus 1000HE) but I wish I were a regular laptop user too. An ideal laptop for me would be something like the Compaq CQ20 (12.1″, Core2 Duo processor, w/ built-in DVD-RW) that can handle a bit more graphics than the ASUS while maintaining a svelte and portable size.

  37. alfres says:

    Regular laptop….I just love my Dell XPS 1530.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  38. BrianB says:

    Abe, you’re forgetting the non-netbook thin and light.

  39. borgy says:

    i voted netbook because i have an EEE PC 1005HA, but i’ve been looking to move to a CULV/AMD Congo platform. netbooks are too much of a compromise for me, even if i have a desktop as my primary computer.

  40. Roxanne says:

    CULV Notebooks – Sony Vaio TZ.. very light but lack of battery performance for my work all day.

  41. Alec says:

    Macbook Pro for me.

  42. Mojics says:

    ako.. Hp Dv7 with 17″ screen


  43. rye says:

    Regular laptops, for the processing power and features.

  44. Patrick says:

    Regular laptops because I’m a power user!

    But I plan to buy my first netbook soon for mobility reasons.

  45. Christian says:

    M11x! Small but Terrible & Flexible for games, word processing, entertainment.

  46. vince says:

    my needs (not in a hurry, i’m just planning an upgrade)

    * full size keyboard
    * 13-15 inch screen. Preferably 4:3 but widescreen will do. I dont want a small screen so netbooks wont do. Actually I will be using this more for surfing the net and reading ebooks so vertical height of the screen is important
    * any cpu, any gpu
    update: i’m partial to an i series cpu, the low power models. Why? because an i series (for intel at least) guarantees its a new model
    * actual 6 hours or more of battery life while surfing the net with wifi. We know that the batt life in advertisments is BS
    * 2 gigs or more of ddr3 sodimm. must be expandable to 4 gigs ddr 3. Or as an alternate, ddr2 but already 4 gigs once bought.
    * any optical drive
    * local warranty


  47. roan carl says:

    regular laptop for cad,photoshop,3d max,graphics etc.. due to my profession. also for entertainment movies, games…

  48. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    slightly related to the topic:


    Hoping for CUDA & PureVideo features to supplement Intel GMA’s. Asus’ earlier external GPU had strict compatibility requirements (certain asus laptops only & requires Win XP 32-bit only).

  49. durantula says:

    regular laptop for me :)

  50. Ton says:

    Regular. I’m Atom-intolerant.

  51. Dan The Beast says:

    Regular laptop – for work
    Netbook – for pretty wifey and 2 yr old son’s plants vs. zombies (hehe!)

  52. laprimeraxx says:

    Power. Features. Laptop.

  53. val says:

    Regular Laptop here! 13-inch screen is just right for me. :)

  54. cocoie says:

    never owned one….

  55. paul e. says:

    have both regular laptop and netbook… but i’ll probably fall under netbook category. it’s what i use most when i’m up and about. my 15″ laptop never leaves my home anymore… too bulky and heavy… i guess i could classify my hp-compaq c700 as my indoor/work laptop and the asus eee pc 900ha as my outdoor/leisure laptop.

  56. Pepe Maglutac says:

    Netbook for these reasons:
    -If I need power processing, I can just use my desktop. I honestly do not need to do hundreds of tasks while on the go; I just need a laptop for “quick fixes”

    -Since I prefer Linux for laptops, I consider netbooks to be very compatible with linux in a sense that linux is not as demanding (rather, the applications) as compared to windows.

    -It’s cheap and light! Like I said, I have a fairly powerful desktop, so having to lug around a large yet powerful notebook seems useless.

    I honestly find people who use laptops as their main computers (at home) pretty strange :P

  57. paynjo says:

    regular laptop :D

  58. nitecrawler says:

    Regular Toshiba Satellite Laptop and Asus ULV80 for me..

  59. jessjr says:

    Compaq Presario and HP Mini both using Ubuntu (sorry windoze)

  60. Zilu54 says:

    A regular laptop with Ubuntu Linux inside ^^ simple, clean and fast.

  61. bench says:

    my choice is a netbook.kaso medyo hindi ka masisiyahan sa processor lalo na pag naglalaro ka ng mga apps sa facebook..kaya mas pinili ko iBook G4..mas ayos ang performance ng processor kesa netbook..affordable din..and 12″ ang size kaya portability is there pa din he he he..

  62. Edward says:

    I prefer a regular laptop because I’m a gamer, even though I never actually own one, because I’m a Desktop PC person.

    For now that laptops are evolving I will however get some in the future

  63. nico says:

    REGULAR!!! but considering the price tag I’d rather build my own PC :)

  64. simplynice93 says:

    Netbook – for my web browsing needs and updating my Facebook and Twitter

  65. Real men lug around their 15 inches! LOL

    I love my 15.6 inch Gateway NV5211u laptop. Multi-tasking is cake walk even with just an AMD processor and 4GB memory.

    Full-featured with Windows 7 Home premium only cost me P24,200. I imported it ofcourse.

    I just love its US laptop features. While everybody here in the Phils is dealing with crappy specs available in locally available portables, I got it cheap and the best in its class.

    We plan to import more US laptops. Anyone interested can contact me. Go branded!

  66. nagbrownoutkanina says:

    I currently own a netbook although I frequently use the laptop of my sister… the good thing about my netbook is that it really is portable (and Ive replaced its HDD to 320 Gb)… Problema nga lang is that hindi ko siya magamit-gamit sa mga applications na nangangailangan ng proper resolution… Yon lang so far ang issue ko sa netbook ko… Pero, love ko masyado netbook ko… hehehe…

  67. eRvN says:

    Regular, second hand (tpc). Not that fast but gets the job done. Not that light but mobile enough to be carried from A to B. Keyboards and screen size are just right.

  68. Sham says:

    I’ll go for CULV.:)

  69. I go for Regular laptops. Performance and price. My first choice is Toshiba and next is Asus.

  70. lito says:

    netboo, and deskop. for faster I use my desktop and my netbook if out of town.

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