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Where do you hang out more?

With all the blogs, social networking sites and other Web 2.0 services out there, the regular surfers attention has been divided into smaller chunks. Our next poll asks people where they hang out the most.


It used to be chatrooms and forums before. Now, there are social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Friendster. The there are tons and tons of blogs to read. How about Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce? Or still stuck with mailing lists and Yahoo! Groups?

Please do share some insights and answer our poll at the sidebar. ;)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. jazzy says:

    I voted for message boards primarily because I can meet like minded people. For general conversation, I think forum still top it all.

  2. Shannon says:

    @Blogcatalog, wala na akong gana mag fs.

  3. nina says:

    I voted for message boards, since I check them more often than I do with Facebook. But I mostly hang around flickr.

  4. hoop says:

    I hang out in my feed reader :D

  5. parakatis says:

    yes, in my feed reader.

  6. boddah says:

    i voted for news sites.. next siguro dun is blog reading and message boards.. last place would be social networks, just to check if someone added some comments or messages (no myspace?) :)

  7. Ordnacin says:

    Netvibes, that’s my dashboard…

  8. Miguel says:

    I read a lot of blogs, in and out of my feed reader… but it’s just reading. Hanging out, is for Twitter!

  9. kates says:

    Messageboards. I don’t use my facebook account so I deactivated it.

  10. Lyle, RN says:

    In this order:
    1. News Sites
    2. My blog
    3. Your blog (yugatech.com)
    4. Youtube

  11. leo says:

    mostly in online forums and message boards.

  12. Miguel says:

    I haven’t closed my Facebook account, but it sure is boring. Seems like the novelty wears off easily.

  13. FruityOaty says:

    1. My feed reader.
    2. Twitter
    3. Khoops.com

  14. Benj says:

    Messageboards – Pinoyexchange and Peyups.

  15. BrianB says:

    Facebook, until Filipinos and their penchant for weddings ruined it for me.

  16. I used to like Blogcatalog but there are a few bloggers out there that for some reason would hate your guts compounded by the fact that the discussion boards is fast becoming filled with either nonsensical or uninteresting stuff. Those are the real turn-offs. I had their webmaster cancel my account. And besides I don’t have time for BC anymore. Got my hands full on monetizing my blogs already. :)

  17. Abel says:

    I voted news sites. But you should add video sites. Coz lately I watch what’s new in any industry in Youtube. Infact, if you want to get a feel of any niche you’re planning to pursue as a business online, you’ll get more insights a lot faster in video sites.

  18. L.A says:

    Whole day with TWITTER! :P

  19. It’s a toss between my feed reader and facebook…

  20. Machinista says:

    1. Lakers News Sites (I spend at least 1 hour on these)
    2. Technorati
    3. Yugatech Blog
    4. Davao Blogspace
    5. Philippine Daily Inquirer
    6. CNN

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