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Upgrade your WFH essentials with the Poly Sync 20

Many businesses and organizations have already implemented WFH protocols in response to the health crisis. While this arrangement has plenty of benefits, it also has a heavy requirement, especially from a technological standpoint. You need reliable equipment to help you get things done effectively and efficiently. One good example of such equipment is the Poly Sync 20, a Smart Speakerphone. Read on to find out how it can upgrade your WFH setup.

Poly Sync 20 7 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

A speakerphone is a gadget equipped with a speaker/s and microphone/s, allowing you to conduct hands-free voice conversations with the person on the other line. The device also allows multiple persons to participate in a conversation. The Poly Sync 20, however, is not just your typical speakerphone as it is equipped with technology and features that enable smart functions.

Poly Sync 20 1 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Poly Sync 20 is its modern and sleek design. It has a flat body, doesn’t take up much desk space, and portable enough to bring it with you anywhere. It even comes with its own carrying case and lanyard. And if you’re worried about liquid damage like accidental spills of water or coffee, you don’t have to as it is also IP64 dust and water-resistant.

Poly Sync 20 2 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

When it comes to controls, it sports touch-sensitive buttons for Call/answer/end, Mute, Volume +/-, and a programmable function button for play/pause music, last-number redial, and voice assistant. There’s even a highly visible light bar to let you know the status of a call.

Poly Sync 20 3 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

The Poly Sync 20 is also a versatile device when it comes to connectivity, as you can connect it to your PC via USB-A or USB-C cable or a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.1. It also works with Windows and macOS and doesn’t require any complex setup or training required.

As for compatibility, the Poly Sync 20 is compatible with the most popular voice platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom. So, regardless of what platform you’re using to join a conference call, the Poly Sync 20 will be able to adapt and handle its audio.

Poly Sync 20 4 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

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For its battery, it is equipped with a 3,200mAh battery, capable of delivering a maximum talk time of up to 20 hours. That’s more than a workday. You can even use it to charge your mobile device using the USB-A port and charging cable. Charging, on the other hand, will take 4 hours.

Poly Sync 20 5 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

Although it’s small, the Poly Sync 20 packs big audio, thanks to the bass reflex system with dual passive radiators and a 40mm high-performance music speaker with a frequency response of 80Hz to 20KHz. That means you’re getting high-quality audio with natural voice and deep bass. Way better than what you’re getting from your laptop or smartphone/tablet speakers.

Poly Sync2 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

Add to that the multi-microphone steerable array that focuses on your voice with a pickup range of 7 feet, as well as echo and background noise reduction. Even if you move around the room, the Poly Sync 20 will be able to pick up your voice and deliver it with great quality.

As you can see, the Poly Sync 20 is a great companion for your work from home needs. Businesses and organizations with a workforce outside the office will benefit as it is easy to connect and use. You’re also not limited to the Poly Sync 20 as you can also opt for Poly Sync 40 or Poly Sync 60, which are ideal for flexi workspaces or conference meeting rooms in the office. These devices work together via a wireless daisy-chain to connect two units for larger meeting rooms.

Poly Sync1 • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20

Poly • Upgrade Your Wfh Essentials With The Poly Sync 20



So, if you’re ready to upgrade your work from home setup, the Poly Sync 20 is a must-have essential.

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