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Gadgets We Bought and Reviewed in 2016

While we’re grateful for the brands that let us review and give our opinion on their products, we also buy our own gizmos especially...

The Gadgets We Bought in 2012

  Every so often, we acquire our own gadget so we can review them for you even before they arrive in the country. This...

The Gadgets We Bought in 2011

  The year 2011 saw tons of really great products, most of which I ended up buying for review here at YugaTech. I look...

How to spot a fake Xiaomi Mi Powerbank

  Xiaomi offers some of the most bang-for-the-buck devices, including powerbanks which often sell out in minutes. How can you tell if your Mi powerbank is fake...


Savvy Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

We’ll no longer ask you why you’re interested in reading this article because just like you, we’re also hooked on online shopping while staying...

Keyword: "gadgets we bought"