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Sciphone goes for Android Dream 2

Maybe this is what Google wanted all along — for every small-time phone manufacturer not to worry about their mobile OS. China-based Schiphone is...

Sony Ericsson XPeria X1 Review

UPDATED November 24th, 2008Aside from the iPhone 3G, the Sony Ericsson XPeria X1 is probably one of the most highly anticipated smartphone for the...

Review: Nokia N78

UPDATED July 2nd, 2008Nokia announced the N78 last February 2008 along with two other new phone models — the Nokia 6220 classic and the...

Nokia Touch Phone rumors are true

UPDATED July 2nd, 2008Others are calling it the Nokia Tube, though that’s not really the real name of this new Nokia Touch UI phone...

Keyword: "mobil tube com"

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series