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Smart 3G to Baguio

UPDATED July 2nd, 2008Just after midnight today, we headed off to Baguio City to spend the holiday. I brought my Globe Visibility account with...

Smart 3G for real?!

UPDATED July 2nd, 2008Among the 4 telcos that were granted licenses to operate third-generation (3G) mobile networks, Smart looks like it’s on its way...

GMail on your Mobile Phone

Google has just announced that Google Mail (or Gmail) can now be accessed via mobile phones. Just point your phone browser to http://m.gmail.com and...

Digital Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve been asking everyone for gifts! hahaha From my end though, I thought it would be nice to come...

Keyword: "nokia 5"

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series