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Top iPhone 3G Alternatives

While every iPhone fans are waiting for the supposed August/September release of the iPhone 3G in the Philippines, I’ve rounded up some of the...

LG Secret: The KF750 Review

LG Electronics may be one of the smaller and silent players in the mobile market but records showed it has made great success with...

Nokia E71 & E66 announced

UPDATED October 12th, 2008Update: Read our Nokia E71 Review. These models were supposed to be released last May (at least for the E71) but...

HTC Touch Dual Review

UPDATED August 14th, 2012I had mixed feelings after trying out the HTC Touch Dual phone several weeks ago. I am not very familiar stylus-navigated...

Keyword: "o mobile phones pri"

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series