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Pinay Problogger: Stef Patag

UPDATED February 26th, 2008 Stef is a mom of 4 and a prolific writer. She is still actually doing her book on cooking entitled...

Pinoy Problogger: J Angelo Racoma

UPDATED March 19th, 2008 Our next Filipino problogger is J Angelo Racoma, a fellow PTBer and full time blogger. He will be speaking at...

Is the Pinoy ready for Web 2.0?

UPDATED April 27th, 2006In the past weeks, we’ve been talking with Kevin of Pandora Squared about the potential of Web 2.0 for the Pinoy....

Delayed Friday Round-Up

Was out the whole Friday afternoon/evening as Marc and I visited The House on a Hill in Antipolo. I got my long overdue gift...

Keyword: "one piece"

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