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How to setup Smart GPRS and 3G

Welcome to the Smart GPRS or 3G tutorial page. The information below will help you and guide in setting up your phone for GPRS or 3G connection. It will also show you how to hook up your PC or laptop to any Smart 3G-enabled phone:

Download Smart GPRS settings:

Step 1: Using your 3G handset, go to Tools > Settings > Network Mode > select Dual Mode.

Step 2: Activate your handset by texting Set 3G and send to 211.

Step 3: Save Settings sent by 333. Key in 1234 when prompted.

If you have a Nokia 6120, that’s “SET 3G N6230”

To download Smart MMS phone settings:

Key in SET MMS and send to 211.

To download SMART GPRS phone settings:

Key in SET GPRS and send to 211.

Example: If you have a Nokia 6230, that’s “SET MMS N6230”

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The configuration settings will be sent to your phone. You will need to select “Save All” to save the settings in the phone. Some MMS and GPRS handsets already have pre-loaded phone settings.

Activation of MMS and GPRS will require a confirmation message from Smart. A message will be sent to the sub once the feature has been activated.