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Time Tracking Software for Team Productivity and Management


If there’s anything the new era or remote work has taught us, it’s the unpredictability of work-life balance. Coming from an office that promotes productivity via a busy workplace and managers, people now face the same work routine but with an unlimited array of distractions in their own homes. Queue children crying, dishes needing to be washed, and of course, social media engagement without supervision.

Time Tracking Software • Time Tracking Software For Team Productivity And Management

That’s why it comes to no surprise that many companies today face problems with employee productivity and time management. Fortunately, time tracking software provides a great solution to remedy these issues – without being too invasive to the employee’s personal life.

This software provides not only time tracking but also a verified way of tracking your employee’s work. It can provide anything from desktop screenshots, visited website tracking, and even productivity levels. Some provide offline modes as well, which works great for those lacking enough bandwidth to be online all the time.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best time tracking software and see which fits your team the best.

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For Large Teams: Time Doctor

Time Doctor • Time Tracking Software For Team Productivity And Management

Let’s start with the most popular one, Time Doctor.

A hybrid between time tracking and project management, Time Doctor offers a full range of viable options for those working in large-scale teams. It utilizes a powerful employee monitoring tool that can use screenshots or even video-based recordings.

Furthermore, it also allows visible data like visited web pages and used apps and the time spent on those. These features make it perfect for minimizing time spent slacking off or simply unproductive moments. It also uses mouse and keyboard activity to detect working times, meaning it will automatically show a warning and stop within a specified time allowance when no activity is detected.

In addition to time tracking and monitoring, Time Doctor also integrates direct invoices via PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise, or any other mode of payment. This means that the salary of the employee is automatically calculated based on the hours they spent working.

It is also mobile-friendly and can be used offline. Thus, it is a feature that lends itself very useful for those always on the move or who needs urgent work done but are away from their desktop or have no access to the internet.

The only downside to TimeDoctor is its slightly outdated interface. It can be buggy and slow at times, and the design leaves much to be desired. Cons aside, it’s a great choice for those with big teams that need constant monitoring and elevating productivity levels.

TimeDoctor uses a monthly subscription method for payment. For more comprehensive pricing details, check out their plans via the official website.

For Project-Based Teams: Clockify

Clockify • Time Tracking Software For Team Productivity And Management

If your team is project-based, Clockify is a great option.

Clockify uses a time tracking system based on projects labeled by the employees and filed under departments or tags by the manager. This makes it a powerful tool for those who want to know how long certain projects take or even allocate time spent on a certain task.

In terms of user experience, Clockify uses a default timer that gives gentle reminders when someone is working but forgets to click start – a feature that many will welcome, given that you may be working on a project for hours only to find you forgot to time yourself. Furthermore, while applicable on browsers, it can also be downloaded via app for a more intuitive user experience.

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On the other hand, in terms of interface design, Clockify uses a simple and minimalistic interface that is easy to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with time tracking software. Likewise, it also allows for multiple third-party plug-ins like Asana, Click Up, Trello, and so much more. Thus, making it easier for those that use a separate task management system.

Clockify’s core features are 100% free no matter how many users are integrated into one team. However, separate features come with different prices, which can be seen via their official website.

For User-Friendly Interface: Toggl

Toggl • Time Tracking Software For Team Productivity And Management

In terms of user experience, Toggl might just be the winner.

Its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface makes it a popular option for those who want less trouble switching from one task to another. Done with one task? Click stop and switch over to the next one. Done.

Furthermore, in Toggl, you can easily set projects, assign roles, and create timelines and budgets for each project and user. This means you can easily sort out which projects or employees are taking too long to complete a task or going way over budget. Again, a much welcome feature for those on a budget-based project or who simply want to boost productivity in an uncomplicated or non-invasive way.

For invoicing, Toggl creates an invoice automatically based on worked hours and can likewise be downloaded via Excel, CSV, or even PDF for email. In addition, there’s also a separate Toggl Android app that makes it perfect for those working on their phones or tablets.

So, if you’re in the market for an easy-to-use time tracking app that monitors budget allowance and project time without all the fuss, then Toggl is a perfect match. It’s free for small teams of up to 5. However, for bigger teams, the subscription plans may come too hefty for a simple time tracking software.

You may check pricing plans for Toggl via their official website.

For On-the-Go Teams: Hubbstaff

Hubstaff • Time Tracking Software For Team Productivity And Management

Hubstaff is perfect for on-the-go remote teams. 

Similar to Time Doctor, it offers time tracking capabilities, productivity monitoring, and project management all-in-one. The only main difference between them is that Hubstaff can be used virtually anywhere – and we mean anywhere. 

Hubstaff not only tracks time but also locations with a built-in GPS tracker both for their mobile and desktop app. This allows managers to see how much time employees spend on the road or at a job site when out on the field. Thus, making it perfect for teams that frequently travel or need location monitoring. 

The downside to Hubstaff is that its user interface is quite hard to navigate and can be lacking in more extensive reports like allocated project times and budgets. 

Hubstaff is free for up to one user but can go upwards from $7 per month/user. For more comprehensive pricing plans, visit Hubstaff’s official website

Real Productivity Lies in Good Management

While time tracking software provides a great way to monitor team performance and boost productivity when not in an office environment, it is essentially just a tool. 

For enhanced productivity and performance, structures and good management must already be in place. After all, a good work environment transcends that of a concrete location. It lies essentially in the people and the driving force and motivations that align them.

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