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Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S2 got jinxed

Ever since the first ICS device has been released in the market, Samsung Galaxy S 2 users have been itching to get their devices upgraded to the new OS. In the past, it was rumored that the SGS2 may not get the latest OS because of its TouchWiz UI. Just when all hope was depleting, Samsung Philippines recently announced that ICS will be available for SGS2 devices.

It was mentioned that an FOTA update (approx. 350Mb) and through the latest version of Samsung KIES (approx.60Mb) is going to be available starting yesterday, March 10, 2012. But this information was immediately disproved by the South Korean company stating that the official release date is still not settled, thus invalidating the earlier stated release date. Nevertheless, we will check if an update is indeed available for this unit and we’ll inform you about this.

If this is true, then GSII users will certainly appreciate these cool new features:

• Face Unlock
• Android Beam
• Mobile Network Data Usage
• Improved Multi-tasking

Update: Turns out the scheduled update was postponed due to additional testing that needed to be made on the device. Samsung Philippines has made the clarification on their Facebook Page.

SAMSUNG Philippines: I regret to inform you that due to the extended period we need for testing the ICS upgrade for Galaxy S II, we will be moving the release date. This is to ensure that no problems will be encountered on the phone after the upgrade. I am so sorry about the inconvenience but rest assured that we will keep you all posted on the confirmed release date.

This was after Samsung Philippines made an earlier announcement (dated March 8, 2012) that ICS will be available on SGS2. The Samsung HQ backtracked on this statement:

Samsung’s official Twitter account has gone back on the words written on its official website. Samsung says that the March 10th date was a mistake posted by its Philippine website and that the actual upgrade date has not yet been established. Once again, Samsung asks us to wait for an update via its Twitter feed.

We know a lot of SGS2 owners are disappointed or frustrated but this development can only end one way — we’re going to see ICS on Galaxy S2 very soon.

In any case, you might want to bookmark the update instruction here.

Editor’s Note: Original story by Ron Bulaong with updates and additional reporting by Yuga.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. lary says:

    Sucks! like the pinkish color in d middle of d camera

  2. paolo says:

    I want to share this. I saw it on Tumblr the other day about this…

    ” Cue Report with headline “Samsung: Philippine Galaxy S II’s will NOT receive Android 4.0 update, blames brouhaha over Samsung Philippines’ premature announcement of Android 4.0 update for Galaxy S II ” in 3,2,1,… “

  3. sizzla says:

    Samsung sucks! My next phone won’t be Samsungy that’s for sure!

  4. cpmj says:

    What did you mean by “Mobile Network Data Usage” as a cool new feature?

  5. Turonbulaong says:

    @cpmj This is a feature of ICS that lets user to monitor and control their mobile internet usage. This is a useful feature specially for users that has a cap on their data plan because users can set a limit to their network usage to just a certain amount and warns us if a certain MB or GB is reached It also tells us which app is using our network connection and by how much. Hope this helps. :)

  6. GensanBoy says:

    My only interest for upgrading my SGS2 is to extend the very poor battery life. Otherwise, im ok with the current OS. ICS for the SGS2 did not mention battery life improvement. :-(

  7. Brickz says:

    You should really consider changing the title of this post. The current one makes it seem that it got cancelled altogether when the content clearly indicates it’s still on the way, just delayed.

    Just imagine how an S2 user like me felt when I read the title on Google Reader. Well I guess your overall purpose is to generate more clicks on it so I guess you succeeded even though I would’ve clicked on it anyway even if the title reflected the content more honestly.

  8. Fshumayrqan says:

    i think is the network there in the philippines the major problem, they need to downgraded the phone to suite the network, ang pangit ng network dyan dahil sa kasakiman ng mga network owner dyan sa pinas. dito sa canada luma na yan s2, it was releas here last year on july, and now will waiting for s3 na lol

  9. Arielson says:

    English is more fun in Canada

    • Joe says:

      Ang mga tao talaga kung makapanlait nakakabobo. Haha. Haaaay kung pwede lang silang hire-an ng panibagong English teacher magvovolunteer na ako. Erh they’re dopes. They’re so insulting themselves. >.<

  10. beef says:

    HAHAHA.. epic..

  11. lulatekki says:

    please advisewhere we can purchase SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS ICS. and at what price? thanks. im itching to grab the nexus.

  12. fshumayrqan says:

    beef bigay ka ng 779 dollar bigyan kita ng galaxy notes lol

  13. Fshumayrqan says:

    typical filipino, pinoy epic reliability

  14. chickboy says:


    nauna pala kami dito, june 2011 na release sa Pilipinas yan.

  15. itachi1 says:

    hay… sayang nagsupersurf pa man din ako nung weekend in anticipation of this… bad trip

  16. rjignacio says:

    since ICS is generally already available on the s2, then it is highly possible to upgrade via other means and not OTA..it’s just for those peeps who couldn’t wait for the official samsung ph release..

  17. Mike says:

    Better wait for SGS3 or Galaxy note2 if you need an ICS. Samsung is better on hardware rather than software.

  18. fshumayrqan says:

    bili ka na ng new ipad available na sa march 16, o kaya wait mo the new iphone available na sa summer kaso lng northamerica summer lol

  19. jack says:

    @ fshumayrqan,
    ikaw na!

  20. chickboy says:


    Samsung Electronics announced the availability of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) software upgrade for GALAXY S II. The upgrade will begin in European countries including Poland, Hungary, Sweden, as well as Korea today and gradually roll out to other markets. Android 4.0 ICS software upgrade for GALAXY Note, GALAXY SII LTE, GALAXY Tab 8.9 and 10.1 will follow soon.

  21. ro says:

    yah… it’s really more fun in canada.. he too is funny… pero i like it cos he is not boring… cool english.. who TELLED you?

  22. Fshumayrqan says:

    who fucked you ro? the s2 too small for your asssss, the reason why, the internet and mobile network they fuck up your ass, sooooo slow, panahon pa ng lolo mo who hung you and fucked you in the ass. come on still stuck in KBPS and 3g while here in northamerican MBPS and 4g na, you should call MVP TELLED HIM to improve the network there and your ass so sore lol

  23. alainL says:

    Hahahaha. This is too funny. Typical pinoy migrant. :)

    Anyway, been in ICS for a while (Bezke ROM). I just hope there’s an option to replace TouchWiz with the default ICS Launcher.

  24. Robert V. says:

    haha, nung sinabi ko to sa friend ko na SGS2 user, gaya ng karamihang reaction, disappointed. :D

    Hope this will come out very soon!

  25. donskies says:

    Just updated with ICS but it still retained the TW that they have.. looks like a gingerbread ROM.. only when you look some tweaks that you will find that it is running on ICS.. no eye catching changes… though the speed is good.. its faster and smoother…

  26. james says:

    waiting for ICS…

    Fshumayrqan ang YAMAN mo..
    naka bili ka ng sariling mundo!


  27. noelistic says:

    ICS is now rolled-out here in PH.

  28. Paul says:

    Philippine users of the SII, the official ICS for our region is already available through KIES. DXLP7 and its much better compared to LPQ

  29. chickboy says:


    salamat sa info, updating now. :)

  30. chickboy says:


    Ingat lang at mawawala mga folders mo, pero nandyan pa naman mga apps na ayos lang alpabetically. ah kahit mga shortcuts mo sa home babalik sa default.

  31. alexa says:

    Bakit sa s2 ko ayaw??? huhuhuhu. ver ko is pda:ki3/phone:k11/csc:kh1(DBT)

    huhuhuhu… :(

    help naman guys pls.

  32. alexa says:

    Bakit sa s2 ko ayaw??? huhuhuhu. ver ko is pda:ki3/phone:k11/csc:kh1(DBT)

    huhuhuhu… :(

    help naman guys pls….

  33. dos_sentimos says:

    Fshumayrqan para kang gago! hahaha… mas lalo ka pang naging gago nang dumating ka dyan sa canada, mas maganda at nandyan ka at least nabawasan mga ulol dito sa Pinas.

  34. Hanz0 says:

    [quote]Fshumayrqan says:
    Wed, March 14 at 2:35 am

    who fucked you ro? the s2 too small for your asssss, the reason why, the internet and mobile network they fuck up your ass, sooooo slow, panahon pa ng lolo mo who hung you and fucked you in the ass. come on still stuck in KBPS and 3g while here in northamerican MBPS and 4g na, you should call MVP TELLED HIM to improve the network there and your ass so sore lol[/quote]

    I think I know this guy… he’s the one from ULOP before, and from what I can see here, he’s using an Iphone. try to check his grammar, his sentences were completely fucked up by Iphone’s autocomplete. He’s fl1ppy from ULOP if im not mistaken based on his comments and words, they’re both the same. Still using that dumb iphone, eh??

    • fshumayrqan says:

      see totoo ang sabi ko na lalabas sa may or june,the s3 available now and next month here not there hehe, but ill wait for new iPhone, hey hansam i mean hanzo once you have an iPhone you’ll love it and i got it free for 3 years contract and 55 bucks monthly lol, dalawang buwan na lng my free ulit ako, i looked at the carrier there so greedy more than 100 bucks to get it free.

  35. yahoo says:

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    I’d like to see extra posts like this .

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