New round of DSL speed increase for PLDT myDSL

New round of DSL speed increase for PLDT myDSL

We were discussing about broadband connectivities over at Rico’s blog where he’s recommending ETPI’s 5Mbps package for Php35,000 a month. I haven’t tried Eastern Telecoms ever so I cannot attest to their connection uptime and reliability but have heard so many complaints about their residential offerings, dubbed evoDSL.

And while I suggested getting 2 separate DSL providers and using a D-Link Load-Balancing Router to hook them both up, I also discovered PLDT has published newer bandwidth caps for its residential plans.

Same price points but increased bandwidths:

Package Type * Speed * Monthly Service Fee (Pesos)

Xperience * up to 1.0 Mbps * Php999


Xcite * up to 2.0 Mbps * Php 1,995

Xcel * up to 5.0 Mbps * Php 3,000

The operative word being “up to”, read the fine print:

1. DSL type is Asymmetric DSL
2. Gradual rollout in selected areas starting January 1, 2006
3. myDSL-W (Canopy) only includes Plan 999 (384 kbps) and Plan 1995 (768 kbps)
4. Monthly Service Fees are eVAT exclusive (monthly fees with eVAT as follows: Xperience = 1019, Xcite – 2035, Xcel = 3060)
5. email format = “[email protected]
6. Lock-in period is 12 months (without promo)
7. Free installation except for myDSL-W (Canopy)

Gradual roll-out since January 2006? It’s 2007 already! And oh, I remember getting a call from a PLDT customer rep telling me that if I wanted to extend my contract for another yet, they’d waive my 13th month service fee.

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46 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    Great, hope it’s the real deal this time!

  2. Andrew says:

    Eastern Telecoms is quite good, and quite fast. But that was at my office. Dunno about the residential packages.

  3. Chester says:

    PLDT should start publishing their CIR. More often than not the published bandwidth does not even come close with the actual speed.

  4. Chris says:

    PLDT’s plan 999 is supposed to have a maximum speed of 1Mbps OR as their technical supports are saying — a daily average of 70% of the maximum speed. 70%? Then i should be getting around 700kbps more or less everyday right? NOT!!! I’m only getting 250 to 300 kbps average.

    What’s even funnier is that i don’t feel the speed difference when i was still under plan 3,000 (i think they call it plan professional back then) with speed of up to 2.2mbps and now that i availed their new plan 999.

  5. Aja Lapus says:

    I’ve read upgrade news like that more than a couple of times before. But I still don’t think they really commit to the words they say. I’m on plan999 but I still am getting averages of only more or less than 300 kbps, and I’ve waited for those upgrades for almost a year now.

  6. Jon Limjap says:

    Kunwari lang may upgrade, to appease the customers. Hindi nila gets na ma-appease lang nila yung customers kung ibigay nila yung tamang serbisyo.

  7. rob says:

    yeah right. since 2006… i never experienced that increase…

  8. yuga says:

    Well, my plan 1995 used to be at 512Kbps back in 2004. Now, I’m at 1.2Mbps.

  9. Dusty says:

    Hmm … we’re using a very old P2,500 plan. It’s the first DSL plan that PLDT offered many many many years ago.

    Just wondering which category does this belong in ….

  10. beeps says:

    lets accept, whatever they do to increase bandwidth service. It will never be as accurate as you want it to be.

  11. JP Loh says:

    Screw PLDT. Unless they meant gradual roll out in a hundred years, that’s BS.

  12. Rico says:

    Let’s hope these speed increases signify better reliability.

  13. KK says:

    We are going fiber optics ;) . The lowest we can get is upto 5mbps up/ 2mbps down. The fastest is 30mbps/5mbps. It’s bundled with TV and phone(unlimited nationwide calling) for $99.99.

  14. skiper says:

    i hope bayantel increase their bandwidth too :)

  15. blitzio says:

    Hahah 5mbps? this is a joke, come on pldt.

    I’m on that plan right now and im only maxing out at 2.5mbps even on their speed test site. Called tech support about 8 times in the last two weeks to have them fix it and still nothing.

    Consider yourselves warned.

  16. The real issue is constantly ignored. It is seldom the connection speed between the subscriber and the ISP’s server which limits Internet utility. The real problem with all these plans is over subscription … the ISP’s servers do not have a big enough “pipe” to the Internat itself.

    I belive it was naploeon who coined the phrase, “Never ascribe to malice what is adequately explained by ignorance”, so I won’t ascibe malice to, for example, SmartBRO for selling, selling, selling home subscriber plans and then only providing minimal connectivity from their server to the ‘Net. Whatever the cause, they should hire some network engineers who can perform basic math, such as adding two plus two.

    Basically the ISP’s are selling what doesn’t exist … the speed between an individual’s home or business does not matter if the connectivity between the ISP’s server and the “rest of the ‘Net is extremely undersized … read ‘cheap”. As long as these folks are allowed to sell what they can’t produce the situation will not improve … ir’s a legalized shell game … no different than elling tickets for a raffle and not owning the prize to give to the winner.

  17. Edric says:

    Never trust what PLDT says. They’re too rich to even care about the end-user.

    They’ve effectively eliminated a lot of GOOD competitors, either through legitimate or illegitimate means. The state of broadband in the Philippines is extremely disappointing.

    While the average HK student gets subsidized notebooks and gets download speeds of at LEAST 1mbps, we in the Philippines rot with expensive prices on PC parts (compare AMD CPU prices worldwide) and horrible ISPs. I refuse to believe the so-called progress of the Philippine IT industry.

    At this rate, the Philippines might move speedily down the ladder of technological progress. Imagine being beaten be Vietnam or Cambodia. That would be absurd.

  18. CC says:

    i am currently a subscriber of their plan 999 and i am only getting up to 300 kbps.’s banwidth test results from 500-900+ kbps but with other speed tests, they only show up to 300 kbps. are they too aggressive to impress the users that they’d show us wrong results??

  19. Taps says:

    Originally we were using pldt’s dsl original plan 3000. We reside in the Malate area. Maswerte na kami kung makakuha kami ng 612 kb/s.

    January of this year, we lost 1 months worth of dsl connection, but we were still charged the monthly P3,000. We were told to reformat our computers. Iyon pala, data corruption error something yung problem. They eventually told us that the problem was on their side. Galing talaga.

    After 5 years of the plan 3000, our family decided to downgrade the plan to pldt dsl plan 999. Just tested dsl speed now, download speed is 24 kb/s, upload speed is 62 kb/s.

    Pldt, you’re the best! Dadami ang puting buhok ko dahil sa pldt. Absolutely awesome!

  20. Taps says:

    Good morning…and what a good morning it is. (6:00 am).

    Just tested the connection speed using and apparently download speed is 991 kb/s and upload is 390 kb/s. Very different from last night’s abysmal speed. Bakit kaya ganoon?

    Does it have anything to do with how many subscribers are using pldt dsl? It doesn’t make any sense to me though as it’s dsl, not dial-up.

    Will do another test tonight, hopefully the speed will be sustained. :)

  21. redlamborsche says:

    Magnanakaw talaga ang PLDT, we’ve been paying 2,500 for a 768kbps connection. Hindi talaga sila nagsabi sa amin na ini-upgrade na nila ang mga speeds sa subsciber. Sa technician pa kami naka confirm na lugi na kami. Tinawagan namin ang dsl hotline nila at ang sabi nila na “i-monitor” lang ang connection namin. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa namin nakuha ang 2mbps at aming refund(para sa php501 overpay monthly).
    GOOD JOB PLDT!!! imbes na i-upgrade, dinowngrade nila(from 768 to less than 70, eto na ang pinakamahal na dial-up connection sa buong mundo!!!

  22. Taps says:

    It’s me again. Ulitin ko lang, we downgraded from plan 3000 to plan 999.

    I’ve observed something. Kapag sa umaga mabilis yung dsl speed (fastest today was 1,300 kbps at 12:00 lunchtime). Kapag dating ng gabi, bumabagal siya. (Now, at 9:00 pm it’s only 612 kbps).

  23. maytel.mynt says:

    id like to get a dsl which is better pldt or bayantel? im using speak n surf and its been two months already im still experiencing close to ZERO upload. down load if fine but connection in intermetent.

  24. maytel.mynt says:

    oops, pldt called 999 = 1mbs they just upgraded something underground.

  25. custom says:

    currently subscribed to pldt plan 1995 and im only receiving 1mbps but it should be 2mbps. why am i paying for the extra 1k PLDT? This is very unfair, others are paying for the same price as me but they avail the speed of 2mbps.

  26. beatrice says:

    been a mydsl subscriber since 2002 and i am paying P2200/month and i dont know what plan it i am planning to downgrade to plan xperience since i only use it at night and mostly max of 5 hours.but after reading the replies here i am having second only concern with my connection is that it is often disconnects and its so irritating esp in the middle of downloads.but the speed is fine.a friend even once said that the speed we are using is usually the speed used in an internet cafe.but i just feel that i am wasting money for paying P2200/month.

  27. dice says:


    I’m also on the plan for P2200 since 2002, I’ve had many problems through the past years but they seemed to work out somewhat. I don’t know what our plan is called now but I am getting at an average of around 3 mbps (~350+ KB/s) on downloads and around 10% of that on uploads.

    If you’re not using your DSL much, I think it would be better to downgrade and save a lot.

  28. weng says:

    yah, pldt is full of bull , you cant trust what they say in their ads and print , plan 999 up to 1 mbps ..

    they are actually controlling all of our connection speed with the use of a limiter which means pldt is deliberately scaming all of us . we can actually sue them for this .. and make a case in dti . if only we can make a consensus .

  29. blitzio says:

    Without informing their customers, PLDT has once again decided to change their speed plans, and have admitted they couldn’t provide dedicated 5mbps in the first place. And so now, the highest plan has been lowered to 3mbps.

    I also called PLDT today and asked them what exactly was going on and the guy I spoke to pretty much said the same thing, the network just can’t handle dedicated 5mbps connections for some people, so they decided to drop the so called 5mbps plan.

    Worse ISP in the world. to check out the site for yourself and see the revised speed plans

  30. Edric says:

    2008 na, wala pang upgrade. Di ko na masyadong iniisip para wala ng stress. At least wala na akong mga dc.

  31. wirehead says:

    I am soo pissed with PLDT!!! They have the most suckiest DSL service ever! and they even have the nerve to go GLOBAL?! WTF!!!

    Since August 29 i have been calling 172 ( Customer Service ) to report that i am having an intermittent DSl connection. Would yu freakin beleive this! they only get to fix my DSL connection this day and its already Sept. 18!!! I am not a computer dummy. I worked with SBC Yahoo before and i was a Triage Tech. im CISCO certified, i basically know 75% about routers and modems BUT its really impossible for me to fix something that is not on my end. First few days of my report im calm! 5th day… i TRY to be calm 6th – 10th day i am still trying to be calm. But this day… Geezuz Christ i just cant take it! We are their customer for mre than 2 years now and this is the first time that my DSl got fucked up and they can’t even send a technician or a decent return call from any of them?! and for the record… i’ve called their customer service for 25 times! 25 times!!! *sigh* all i can say is PLDT is freakin fuckin sucks!!! My disgust towards PLDT MyDSL’s UNETHICAL AND HORRIBLY UNACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF COMPETENCE is never ending. Ika nga sa tagalog, sagad na sa buto. Too bad PLDT DSL is the most DECENT DSL connection in our country. *sob* how sad.

  32. LOCo says:

    GUyZ tanung lang mgnda b ang plan 999 ng DSL kxe im a smart bro User plang im planing 2 change 2 PLDT MY DSL..bec.. i only got 246bandwith in Smart Bro… pls reply kung maz mbilis ung PLDT MY DSL..

  33. PLDT sucks says:

    PLDT is conning their subscribers.

    You won’t reach their advertise speed, you’ll get only half of it. They’re definitely put a speed cap way way lower what are advertising. With my plan I should be able to get 2mbps but after testing using for many times and different times on the day the max I can get is 1mbps, the result is very consistent around max 1mpbs everytime. if won’t even spike past 1mbps do it’s obvious that there’s a speed cap. PLDT should e held liable for false advertising.

    F*CK PDLT!!!!

  34. Mydsl Subsrbier says:

    pldt should isuee an on going maintenance to check the connection and offer an outstanding quaility of service. and they should also post news about whats happening on PLDT MYDSL is there an upgrade a maintenance, a buged down servers. so that the subsribers including me will know whats happening…. i’ll vote if there will be an upgrade on PLDT mydsl servers and speed. we pay the right amount we should have the right services also. not the lousy ones.

  35. ok naman n sya lol says:

    hmm,, mukang nag upgrade na un dsl ku. naka plan 999 aku nagulat aku bigla n lng sya bumilis.. umaabot na aku ng 1mbps sa download ki hehe

  36. K P R says:

    I am British living in the Philippines, I have been here for ten years, I have been with PLDT and Planet cable, they both suck big time, in between all the brown outs and bad service here in the PH, it’s a wounder anyone gets anything done in the PH, I’m with Planet cable at the moment, and they over charge 2,500ph for a measly 2Mbps, in the UK we get 56MBPS for that gross over charging, the corruption in this country is so very very bad, it’s far worse than it ever was in Italy with the Mafia.

  37. nelson says:

    lgi nmang npuputol connection sa server when i’m playing special forces, bt kaya

  38. jovial nonchalance says:

    so what do you think of this relaunched product named QIK of PLDT? A friend of mine referred me to it and told me that her money’s worth it.

  39. Anonymous says:


    Sabihin mo sa kaibigan mo sa umpisa lang yan.
    Katagalan unti-unti pababagalin ng PLDT connection nya.
    Puro kasi mga sinungaling tao sa PLDT eh.

  40. Sandy says:

    To K P R: Welcome to the one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The funny things is, I always thought Filipinos are smart. However, I come to realized that they’re only good in defrauding the system to suit their own interests. I renounced my Filipino citizenship for that matter. Corruption is everywhere…no wonder the country is still a Third World country.

  41. noonc says:

    Hey folks,

    planning to move to Manila City in late December and in my location I hear the only DLS provider offering any DSL plans in the tower is PLDT. Well, I need to telecommute and work in IT. I am heavily relying on a stable connection with as little delay possible. I don’t so much care about speed in fact. So, which plan would you suggest? The 999 plan is definitely too slow even though, thought of going for the 3mbit plan which comes up to 3000 pesos I guess. How reliable is that and how’s usual delays towards Europe? How often does not not connect etc?

    Would be nice to hear from some of you or what you’d recommend. smart bro would preferably be my last resort. :p

  42. cybercon says:

    PLDT and Globe already upgraded their service. Last July 2010 there are tremendous downtime of both ISP’s and resolved for more than a week with intermittent connectivity. They are now both 3mbps on business package. My PLDT subscription is since 2003 and my Globelines Broadband is since 2005 which was automatically upgraded.

    Before I use Linksys RV042 as my Dual-WAn and VPN firewall. But it can host only of up to 25 users. When I exceed to 25 users I experience network slowdown and RV042 is heating up high. And that until RV042 to breakdown, I changed it with an old P4 3Ghz HT CPU to power up pfSense and configure it for dual-WAN & VPN firewall w/ vLAN.

  43. lourdes j. campos says:

    follow up ko lng po un application ko. kc 2 months n bkit wla p rin po. pki check nmn po.

  44. yep says:

    bakit kaya ang mga ISP dito sa atin ay nagbibigay ng mababang speed ng net connectionsa presyong napakataas. samantalang client ko sa Poland sa 2000 pesos na babayaran mo per month may 50MB ka na speed. talaga naman ang mga mayayaman lalong yumayaman sa bansa natin.

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